Why Were NEXT In The Market For A New System?

NEXT, a multinational retailer specialising in clothing, footwear, and home products, is headquartered in Enderby, England. With approximately 700 stores in its portfolio, approximately 500 are located in the United Kingdom, while the remaining 200 are spread across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Next in-house print department sought a new system, purely for their own signage needs. Their previous cutting system, resulted in extended waiting times for support.
However, since partnering with Vivid, they have been thrilled with the support they’ve received, giving it a resounding five star rating.

"Vivid's support is truly deserving of a five star rating; they consistently go above and beyond to ensure we have the best support when operating the Veloblade Nexus and Zip Core Packaging Suite. This level of support is truly invaluable to us. Since partnering with Vivid, our experience has been nothing short of fantastic. The Zip Core Packaging Suite opens up endless possibilities, and the ability to send a 3D Virtual CAD of a project, rather than creating a physical sample, has saved us an incredible amount of time. The Veloblade Nexus has demonstrated its precision, speed, and clean-cut performance, surpassing all our previous experiences with other brands. This has given us the confidence to take full control of in-house production. " STEPHEN CLARKE

Now equipped with the Veloblade Nexus and Zip Core Packaging Suite, NEXT has unlocked a world of possibilities. This cutting edge technology has empowered them to take full control of in-house production with unwavering confidence, assured of the systems' dependability, precision, and the unwavering support they provide.

This transformative shift has proven to be more than just a time saver; it has also delivered substantial cost savings, a pivotal achievement that has left a significant impact on the organisation.

Vivid extends its gratitude to Ricoh, one of their valued resellers, for their instrumental role in making this sale possible.
Ricoh has been a long standing technology partner to Next, supporting them on innovative workflow and process improvement in their warehousing and storeroom functions. In addition to this Ricoh has provided Next with a complete graphic wide format and cut sheet print and finishing technology, to further enhance their operations. To complement the solution and provide a true production workflow system, Ricoh chose Vivid, its trusted Partner, and their Veloblade Nexus and Zip Core Packaging Suite to work alongside Ricoh Latex and UV Flatbed technologies. The system had to be operable over three shifts, be easy to use, cut various materials involving routing and most of all be reliable. The Veloblade Nexus meets all these criteria and with the technical support of Vivid, applications can easily be prototyped and bought to production in a matter of hours.

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