Expanding Pouch Converting Capabilities at BakPac

At the start of June a shipment from India arrived at BakPac’s new production facility in Brentwood. This is the second Galaxy Packtech Ltd pouching line for the flexible packaging division of Baker Labels. The first Galaxy was installed in September 2023 to expand and increase pouch conversion options for customers.

After a week of installation by the team from Galaxy Packtech, the pouch maker was running tests and trials. The first full customer job was completed two weeks after installation with fantastic results using multi-webbed recyclable material and a Velcro zipper.

The new press is particularly well equipped for BakPac’s MONO ranges of recyclable materials, perfect for the ever growing demand from customers for sustainable packaging options. The new Galaxy pouching lines excel at maintaining the heat and pressure consistency required for MONO materials and longer runs.

The installation is a part of the significant on-going investment for BakPac of approx. £5,000,000 in the last few years. This includes the two HP Indigo 200Ks and two more Galaxy pouch makers later this year. The demand for digitally printed, high quality flexible packaging is growing fast and the BakPac team intends to stay ahead of the competition.
The additional Galaxy pouching lines have meant that BakPac has had to expand its production floor space. Since January the company has been refurbishing an additional factory unit adjacent to Bakers’ current 50,000sq/ft premises, in preparation for the new arrivals. By the end of the year the new unit will hold all four Galaxy pouch makers, as well as valve and spout inserters.

Technical Advancements of the Galaxy GS-24 Plus-200
There are some key advancements to this new pouching line:

• It will have the ability to run two up stand-up pouches with zippers on the same web – doubling production and reducing set-up time and waste.

• New sealing capability to further improve the Mono polymer pouch production

• Advancements in the gusset assembly to allow a greater size range in folded gussets

• General design updates to enable even higher quality pouches along with improved efficiencies

• Full contingency for side gusset pouch production

Quote from Phil Smith, Bakers Operations Manager

“Our first Galaxy machine made buying the second machine a very easy decision. Their innovation, service and machine efficiency were all points of success which have accelerated our growth into this market.
By using Galaxy technology we are building on a solid platform, with two further machines on order we will soon be able to offer new formats of digital flat bottom and side gusset pouches with zippers whilst also increasing our capacity. Our new unit will soon be humming with the sound of amazing pouches being made.”

Quote from Harry Baker, BakPac Sales and Operations,

“Our Galaxy pouch makers have raised the bar, allowing us to offer a wider range of pouch options for our customers.”
Quote from Gaurav Sharma, Galaxy Packtech

“We are thrilled that Baker Labels and BakPac have chosen to continue with us by ordering our pouching machine again. Their trust in our products is the cornerstone of our success, and we are deeply grateful.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we take great pride in the quality of our pouching machines. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, our machines are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance.

Thank you once again Steve Baker, Harry Baker and Tom Baker for your continued support and choosing us as your partner in success. We’re here to support you every step of the way and are excited to see your business thrive with our equipment.”

Other Press Investments in 2024

These pouch converters are not the only investment made by Bakers this year. At drupa Steve Baker agreed a deal with HP for a second HP Indigo 200K for BakPac and also with Durst for a TAU 340 RSC for the Labels division.



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