HP Introduces HP Designjet L65500 with Latex Inks

HP announced at drupa 2008 the HP Designjet L65500, a 104 inch device that is the first printer to feature HP Latex Printing Technologies unveiled at Pre-Drupa in March 2008 - including HP Latex Inks and HP Wide Scan Printing Technology. This printer offers print service providers (PSPs) a versatile print system that can produce a broad range of applications on a wide range of materials, including most low-cost, uncoated, solvent compatible media - from point-of-purchase displays, transit signage, wall murals and exhibition graphics to vehicle graphics and fleet marking, and a variety of exterior and interior event signage.

Together, HP Latex Printing Technologies provide durable, odorless1 prints; sharp, vivid image quality; application versatility and high-productivity, enabling PSPs to increase their print capacity and grow their business while reducing the impact of printing on the environment.

New water-based HP Latex Inks provide many of the benefits of solvent-ink technology without imposing the typical environmental, health and safety considerations. Odorless1 prints produced with HP Latex Inks emit extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). No special ventilation is required2, facilitating an improved printing environment. HP Latex Inks are not classified as hazardous waste3 and are non-flammable and non-combustible.
"From HP's perspective, environmental matters are growing in importance and we want to make sure that we are providing the best solutions for both our customers and the environment," said Santi Morera, vice president and general manager of large format printing commercial solutions for HP's Imaging and Printing Group. "The HP Designjet L65500 Printer with HP Latex Inks offers print service providers a compelling new alternative that will allow them to expand the variety of outdoor and indoor applications they can offer to environmentally conscious customers while also improving their overall printing atmosphere."

The HP Designjet L65500 Printer, HP large-format media and HP Latex Inks are designed and tested together to provide optimal results with every print. HP designed 14 new large-format media - including five recyclable substrates4 - for optimal results with HP Latex Printing Technologies. A proprietary new HP media surface-treatment technology - developed together with the HP Designjet L65500 Printer - produces a wide color gamut and makes it possible to achieve both durability and sharp, vivid image quality on materials that don't typically print well with solvent inks.

HP Wide Scan Printing Technology delivers high productivity and high image quality using two proprietary HP technologies working together: HP Wide Scan Printheads and the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS). The HP Designjet L65500 Printer with HP Wide Scan Printheads enables consistent, high-quality output at breakthrough print speeds5, approximately 800 square feet/hour for outdoor-quality prints and 400 square feet/hour for indoor-quality prints.

For seamless integration with customers' existing workflows, HP is working with major software RIP vendors to develop solutions for the HP Designjet L65500 Printer, including Caldera Graphics, ColorGATE, Ergosoft, ONYX Graphics, Wasatch, AIT and SA International.

The HP Designjet L65500 was demonstrated publicly for the first time in HP's booth in Hall 8A at drupa 2008.

More information about HP Latex Printing Technologies is available at  www.hp.com/go/hp_latex_printing_technologies . More information about HP Designjet L65500 Printer is available at  www.hp.co/go/designjetL65500