More Than Just Profit With NCR PADS

All quick print pros love to be in at the start of all new businesses. Sometimes we get to input design ideas, corporate ID and best print practice for start-ups, what fun to share our experience with newbies.

Never has it been more important for us QPPs to touch new business and find ways to offer printing services at the onset.

We have been offered marketing assistance from Damon at NCR PADS in the form of a sample NCR set to show off.

The base artwork is free, and you can choose size and colour options. Decide on how many sheets; our own shop has invested in 2500 A5 2-part loose sets.

Just add your own print shop details to the sample artwork and check out the trade website for quantities and prices.

QPP hard copy subscribers will receive a sample in this magazine for a tactile appraisal and information to prospect your existing customers as well as the many new businesses starting up now. If you are missing yours download here along with your artwork template.



Familiarise yourselves with what types of business match NCR pads, NCR books and NCR sets. Also continuous stationery and desk pads. Optional extras include drilled holes for filing, numbering for invoices and despatch receipts. Consider perforation when suppling pads.

Aim to get good at this as NCR PADS open doors. Don’t have too many preconceived ideas on who uses what as everyone knows everyone else and may pass your sample onto a colleague, friend, family member or a new start business they are working with.


Tel. 0330 111 5040

Best Practice Set In Print

So, with our shop branded NCR leaflets we are ready to market, not just looking for NCR business but knowing that whenever we get proactive, business opportunities are received for our whole print product range. Try to sell labels and end up with an order for a run of posters!

Drop a couple of your new print samples in with your invoicing, add to the bags and boxes your customers receive their print in. Leaflet drop to local businesses, follow your hunch, when you have a positive run of say plumbers, stick a couple under the windscreen wipers of sign written vans. Leave a few in the burger bar where a lot of your customers flyers end up. Do something different, I have left personalised pens on a bank counter and gained work.

Yes, there is some stony ground out there that is why we play the same numbers game our customers thankfully practice.

Order some samples and get marketing, what’s the worst that can happen? The only guarantee is that if you do nothing, then nothing will happen.