Food packaging prototyping with Intec’s ColorCut FB8000 and ColorFlare CF1200LX

Whitebox Studios Ltd. is a full service design and marketing agency, who specialise in creative design solutions for many industry sectors. Having a wide range of blue chip customers, Whitebox has continually striven to deliver a premium service, from conceptual idea to finished product.

With this in mind it was suggested they might be interested in supplementing their digital print facility with additional finishing equipment such as foiling, lamination and digital cutting…

Whitebox managing director, Paul Stephenson, welcomed the idea and took a demo of the proposed kit - placing an order for a ColorFlare CF1200LX laminator/foiler and a ColorCut FB8000PRO auto sheet feeding digital flatbed cutter.
Having now had their new ColorFlare and ColorCut devices installed, Whitebox is beginning to realise the extent of their newly enhanced production capability.

Intec has been advised that the Kingston upon Hull design studio is already enjoying seeing the stunning effects being output on the ColorFlare. They will be putting this to good effect on their book jacket work, as well as packaging visuals and prototypes, corporate print and premium stationery work. Whitebox also has big plans for their ColorCut FB8000PRO automated sheet feeding flatbed cutter - beyond their initial requirements

One such aspect will be the production of folders to contain the part work magazine series which they regularly publish. Another job on the agenda will be for a customer who requires rounded corner business cards - a dozen sheets of SRA3 with 21 up cards on, will fly through the FB8000 and deliver 250 cards cut - without their usual need to send out for costly cutting dies. Other applications are also suggesting themselves as they become familiar with the machine, which they know will suit their customer base, thus expanding the services they can offer in-house and greatly minimising their out sourced production costs.

Paul Stephenson of Whitebox Studios commented…

“I was very impressed with the potential these devices offered.
At Whitebox, we like to produce pre-production prototypes as closely to the finished items as we possibly can. With the Intec ColorFlare foiler/laminator, we will be able to embellish printed sheets with coloured metallic foiling and laminate those sheets to resemble exactly how they will look and feel when they come off the final print production line. Furthermore, the ColorCut FB8000 will enable us to digitally cut and crease the sheets to the precise cutter guides that will be used on the final approved items. This means we can produce a single prototype or even a whole batch of samples, quickly and 
on-demand - and with the confidence that they will resemble exactly the final job.”