B&R Moll Extends its Line of Rotary Die Cutters with an In-Line Stripping System
B&R Moll, Inc., the supplier of folder/gluers and specialised bindery finishing equipment for printing and packaging facilities, has expanded its line of rotary die cutters with an in-line stripping system. The Moll Flexcut System – a compact in-line die cutter specifically designed to provide digital and commercial printers with reliable, high-speed, and versatile performance for sheet-fed applications – is now available in three new models including: the Moll Flexcut 2020 Jr., the Moll Flexcut 760, and the Moll Flexcut 760 Plus. 

Available with either two magnetic cylinders for cutting and creasing, or an anvil cutter for just cutting, all die cutters feature micro gap adjustment, and zero deflection tolerance bearing houses. The Moll Flexcut 760 Plus allows for a steel jacket to be wrapped on the bottom cylinder for quicker change over and reduced die cost without giving up the option of creasing. Unlike traditional rotary die cutters, the new B&R Moll Flexcut models offer digital print to cut through advanced servo motors, are completely knickless, and are capable of running in line with any Moll Versafold System. The new die cutters are also capable of die cutting and stripping business cards with rounded corners and 30 pt. CR-80 cards, in addition to the current capabilities, including folding cartons, presentation folders, greeting cards, room key card holders, kiss cutting labels, and more.

The new Moll Flexcut Systems can handle paper weights ranging from 176 to 400 g/m2 stocks (8 pt. paper stock to 24 pt. paper board) in sizes ranging from 508mm x 508mm (20 x 20 inches) for the Moll Flexcut 2020 Jr.; 760mm x 760mm (30 x 30 inches) for the Moll Flexcut 760; and 760mm x 760mm (30 x 30 inches) for the Moll Flexcut 760 Plus. Maximum linear speed is 7,000 sheets per hour. Lead time for the new Moll Flexcut models is currently 6 - 10 weeks.

In addition to the company’s latest rotary die cutting systems, B&R Moll has also unveiled a new corporate logo. The redesigned logo now features the text, “Fold, Glue, Diecut, Tape, Tip-On,” above the company’s name.

“B&R Moll has such an extensive product portfolio that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the post-press industry, as evident by these latest additions to our Moll Flexcut System, delivering faster throughputs and compatible with various stock ranges,” said Kevin Moll, vice president of sales for B&R Moll, Inc. “Therefore, we’ve chosen a new logo that not only reflects what we represent as the experts of finishing systems, but also specifically highlights our wide range of finishing capabilities.”

All B&R Moll machines are manufactured in the U.S. B&R Moll’s global headquarters is in Warminster, Pennsylvania, with international sales and service for Europe handled through Moll International, Ltd in Wickford, Essex.



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