HP unveils new, high-value digital commercial printing capabilities for HP Indigo presses

HP Indigo unveiled new ways for print service providers to grow their digital-based business and put Industry 4.0 into practice at IGAS Japan 2018, enabling thousands of printing jobs every day. New advances boost value, quality and automated digital print production.

“We are seeing great customer momentum, with over 800 units of our B2 format press already installed worldwide. Our customers consistently grow and outperform the market,” said Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo, HP Inc. “Simply put, HP Indigo customers print profits thanks to high-value applications along with automating the print production floor using PrintOS and other HP Indigo solutions. We are proud to announce and implement new innovations on both of these fronts, continuing to drive our customers’ growth.”
The HP Indigo 12000HD Digital Press, already enjoying great momentum and demand in the market, sets a new benchmark for print quality. Now this press also offers a new HP Indigo FM screening technology. Demonstrated at IGAS for the first time, HP Indigo HDFM mode1 places ink dots in random-like distribution, increasing the accuracy of ink dot placement, and eliminating the appearance of rosette patterns and moiré. The result is increased sharpness in highly detailed images and halftone text applications. Any HP Indigo 12000HD can benefit from this new print mode, particularly for professional and wedding photography, and any commercial application with graphical text, such as brochures, posters, invitations and more.

Silver ElectroInk for commercial printing - HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver for commercial print on the HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press was also demonstrated for the first time at. The new ink enables one-pass printing of stand-out silver applications as well as a wide gamut of metallic colours using standard papers, saving the need for metallic substrates and boosting high-value business opportunities for PSPs.
HP SmartStream Collage - HP also previewed HP SmartStream Collage, a new variable data image printing technology. Following the huge success of HP SmartStream Mosaic, HP SmartStream Collage offers a new twist in automated, unique design by manipulating elements randomly for unlimited brand impact including for logos and symbols, creating new design effects for a variety of commercial, packaging and specialty items.
Brand protection - Sophisticated brand protection solutions, including the new HP Indigo ElectroInks UV Yellow and Blue, and other solutions for anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, as well as process control, were also presented for the first time in Japan on the HP stand security zone.
These innovations and others, are enabled through new software upgrades being offered to HP Indigo 10000 and 7000 series customers.

Industry 4.0 harnessed to drive thousands of digital print jobs every day, in an automated way
At IGAS, HP also demonstrated a variety of solutions that help HP Indigo customers put Industry 4.0 concepts into practice. With digital automation in mind, presses as well as the print production environment are all optimised with new solutions to address the growing need to print and ship thousands of different jobs every day, with fast turnaround times.
Examples include: PrintOS Print Beat giving customers online access to fleet stats across multiple sites, multiple press drawer feeders; for automated substrate switching, improved on-press Automatic Alert Agent (AAA) for real-time print quality error detection; and Optimizer, an on-press production management tool that manages the print queue and enables proofing in parallel with continuous printing. At IGAS, the HP Indigo press also operated inline with the Horizon SmartStacker, showcasing finishing automation and production efficiency used by joint HP Indigo and Horizon customers, from file, to finished product