Turning Gold, Silver and Mixed Metallics into Profits for Print Providers

For London-based print provider IPW1, embossing, foils and embellishments are key features clients desire to create eye-catching applications. These high-end features have traditionally come with high-end prices and long turnaround times driven by the need for multiple print passes or multiple machines to produce the desired effect – until now. Today, IPW1 can offer its clients an expanded palette of metallic colours and special effects with the high-speed Xerox Iridesse™ Production
Press –a six station press that combines four-colour printing with two speciality dry inks in a single printing pass.

“With Iridesse, we can create remarkable and eye-catching ads, cards, and posters with a simple setup and at high speeds. It’s a clear differentiator for us and it is what our customers are looking for,” said Glen Robins, sales director, IPW1, who has been testing an Iridesse Production Press for several months. “I’ve been in the print trade for 35 years now and I’ve never known a digital machine like it.” IPW1 works with a wide variety of clients, many of whom are anxious to explore the capabilities driven by Iridesse.

For the designer - Vibrant colours, high quality and intricate details are critical components for Glazier Design – a branding, graphic and web/digital design firm in London. They can now design and print high-value jobs cost-effectively.
“As designers, it broadens our horizons and there is so much more that we can offer our customers,” said Ben Glazier, CEO, Glazier Design. “The great thing about this press is that it brings previously expensive techniques into the realms of availability for everyone. The ability to lay metallic sheens over normal colours will enable us to create beautiful iridescent effects while adding a level of intensity to jobs like wedding invitations, business cards and posters.”

For the creative director - London-based 48.1 is a creative agency that deals with many food, drink and restaurant brands. Until Iridesse, metallic colours and enhancements were not within reach for many of their clients.
“Being able to go into much smaller restaurants and offer them creative services to print gold and silver finishes on their menus is a really lovely touch,” said Paddy Carey, creative director, 48.1. “The ability to print these types of enhancements on very small print runs is something that has never been available before.”

For the marketer - Chester Barrie is a high end clothing company that includes brand names like Simon Carter and Richard James of Mayfair. It’s important for their products to look their best in printed materials, according to Chris Scott-Gray, head of marketing and online at Chester Barrie.
“If we can add silver, gold or enhanced imagery so our products stand out, that’s what’s really going to attract the customer,” said Scott-Gray. “What’s important is making sure that we have images that catch our customers’ eyes and have them turn around and say, ‘I want that.’”

Availability - The Xerox Iridesse Production Press will be available for order takingimmediately. Please check with your local sales representative for regional availability.