New Release Enhances User Experience
UK software developer, Taopix, has announced the latest release of its photo commerce platform. The version, 2017r3, will be the last release for this year and promises to deliver an enhanced user journey for end users.
The new features and enhancements have been developed in response to user testing behaviour, customer feedback and product roadmap direction.

Says Taopix CEO James Gray “We are always in a process of iteration and will continue to strive for improvement in every area. Even relatively small improvements to the user experience can have a big impact on our customers’ revenues and we can only succeed as a business if our customers are profitable. Many of the improvements in this release are as a result of listening carefully to what our customers are telling us.”
“The personalised photo market represents one of the most profitable areas in the print industry and we want to build on this by helping our licensees increase volumes too. By working closely with our customers, we have been able to deliver the tools they need to achieve higher conversion rates and we’re confident that this will result in a significant increase in orders. ”
The Taopix Online platform will now include smart guides and measurement tools that make it easier for the end user to align text and image elements on the page.
The Taopix Design Team has also made some significant user interface improvements that include a new font preview and handy tooltips.
Taopix licensees can now also set up any product template to be accessed by end users using any size screen, so users can design and order any product from any device, wherever and whenever they like.
“This version is really the culmination of a number of small changes coming together to give photo gift purchasers an enjoyable and easy to use experience that will not only help them to complete their buying journey but hopefully share their positive experience with their peers.”