IST (UK) attends The Print Show to promote all the UV options

IST (UK) will makes another appearance at The Print Show this year, enthusiastic to introduce printers to its UV, LED-UV and LE-UV retrofit services and also to debut its new Hot Swap technology in the UK.
Hot Swap technology allows sheet fed, web or narrow web printers to run both UV and LED-UV on one machine and to switch quickly and easily between UV lamps and LED arrays. This new concept was short-listed in the Stationers’ Company Innovation of the Year Awards this year. One of its advantages is that it future proofs a press as interest in LED-UV increases.

In 2015 UV accounted for 89% of IST METZ sales and LED-UV for 11% but by 2021 it anticipates the split could have changed to 58-42%. The key to the balance between the two will lie in the relative movement in the cost of inks (which are more expensive for LED) and energy (which is greatly reduced with LED).
The housing, cooling and electrical supply systems are common so printers simply switch and reconnect cartridges in the press, allowing them to use the right technology for the right job.
The XT8 booster technology also means that the IST METZ LEDcure has up to 30 per cent higher output than conventional LED systems and this is expected to be popular with UK customers.
“Printers are expected to supply shorter and shorter runs to tighter and tighter deadlines and this is key to the growing popularity of UV, LED-UV and LE-UV systems,” says Chris Schofield, joint managing director of IST.
“It is the ability to have dry sheets off the end of the press that is key to investment in this area but there are other advantages including the lift in aesthetic finish, lower energy consumption and the elimination of spray powder.
“Many companies will emulate Route One who came to us for an LE-UV retrofit on their Speedmaster SX 102-8-P B1 long perfector. Realising the very real commercial advantages they have just bought a new press fitted with LE-UV. Retrofit is an inexpensive way to test the technology and gain a competitive advantage.

Simon Mitchell, the other joint managing director of IST who will also be at The Print Show, adds: “We can offer objective advice across the range of UV options and, unlike many of our rivals, we can provide objective advice on the best inks and chemistry to use. We are very happy to offer a consultative service with no obligation; if printers want a straight explanation of the benefits and differences between the various UV options they are welcome to visit our stand or to call us.”