Steps taken from October to December 2014: inauguration of the new facilities for the primaryschool in Sahavondronina and the launch of the 2014-2015 reforestation campaign

Again this year, Favini, a company that has always demonstrated a keen sense of social and environmental responsibility, is continuing its commitment to protecting the ecosystem of Madagascar by supporting Project "Voiala".
Project Voiala, which Favini has been a part of since 2009, is a microcosm of EU initiatives aimed at recreating and protecting the natural resources that have been heavily exploited on this African island. Centered on the experience of Sahavondronina, a village located in the highlands south of the capital and towards the eastern coast of Madagascar; the project’s primary objective is to create a model that other communities can follow, while highlighting the benefits that can be achieved to the land and its natural resources by simply adopting more informed, respectful approach. The project includes teaching people more innovative organic farming techniques that are more respectful of the local ecosystem and at the same time, can improve the quality of life for the community as a whole.

Within the next few years, the village will be able to restore a total of 25 hectares of woodland with a wide variety of trees. This will be achieved through the constant commitment of the local population, which has recently planted 8,000 trees in Fiananrantsoa and 5,896 trees in Sahavondronina.

Activity from October to December 2014 is highlighted in the quarterly report, which provides regular updates for all participants with progress made with sowing and planting in the community garden projects and in promoting local produce.

On 15 December 2014, the new 2014-2015 reforestation campaign was officially launched, and two areas previously selected, namely Sahavondronina and Sahamavo, received 2,000 new eucalyptus and jambolana plants. The area to be reforested in Sahavondronina is located around the school and is where teachers, students and parents worked together, whilst in Sahamavo, planting was done by the community as a whole.

On 10 October 2014, local authorities attended the inauguration of two new primary school classes in Sahavondronina as Project Voiala organised the creation of two new classrooms, a restroom, and the general refurbishment of the facilities constructed in 1991.

In addition, the Voiala-Madagascar team accepted a request by the regional director of the Fianarantsoa prison to create in partnership a botanical garden within the prison, which the inmates would then maintain and care for.
“We are happy to be continuing our efforts to support Project Voiala, as it fully embodies our commitment to the environment. In fact, Favini was the first Italian firm to adopt FSC standards, also to significantly reduce the amount of water used in paper production as compared to the industry standard, and to create a number of revolutionary products, such as Shiro Alga and Crush, using algae and agro-industrial byproducts to make paper,” said Andrea Nappa, CEO for Favini. “We are extremely proud to be actively supporting this project in order to help a community of Madagascar to regain control of its local environment, which had been so heavily exploited in the past”.

Favini’s internet portal includes a section dedicated to Project Voiala
(www.favini.com/en/enviroment/voiala/project-voiala/ ), which provides a detailed description of the project along with updates on the progress being made.