New Enfocus PitStop 13

PitStop 13 has a re-designed preflight engine that addresses the challenges of creating high-quality PDFs and is structured to ensure the submission of high-quality PDFs, today, tomorrow and well into the future. It includes a new option to generate bleed where none currently exists and the ability for users to customise the language and content of the error messaging within preflight reports, including the use of languages for which the software has not yet been localised.

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager responsible for the PitStop product family, explains: “As PDF files are now being used for more and more complex print jobs and deadlines are becoming increasingly tighter, it became obvious to the PitStop development team that the current preflight engine needed some improvements in order to support the current and future needs of our users. The result is the next generation of PDF Preflight and correction. In addition to paying close attention to customer feedback, we unleashed the creativity of our engineering team to ensure that PitStop 13, which contains both enhancements and brand new functionality, stays ahead of market demands and secures our continuing leadership position in the preflight and auto-correction arena.”

More Targeted, Relevant Checks and Corrections - Preflight Restrictions represents the most significant change to the PitStop Preflight library since it was created 15 years ago. It allows the checks and fixes included in a preflight profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF. For example, a PDF page box, a certain page or pages, a particular area or specific elements of a PDF, even different layers within a PDF file can each be checked in different ways, depending upon user requirements. The options for customising preflight are now virtually endless.

This means that PitStop 13 users benefit from a much more targeted preflight check, receiving fewer irrelevant warnings and errors. It also enables the ability to carry out complex quality control routines, thoroughly checking files in one processing pass.

Because the PitStop Preflight editor interface, already familiar to hundreds of thousands of users around the globe, has only minimal changes, the new functionality can be implemented without any major retraining or re-reading of product manuals. This is a significant benefit for users.

Automatic Bleed Generation - Another major enhancement is the Add Bleed Action, which allows bleed to be generated even if none exists in the original file.

Bailes-Collins explains: “Lack of bleed in supplied PDF files is still a major issue for our customers. Previous versions of PitStop displayed bleed if it was available and could automatically extend rectangular shapes to create bleed if none existed. Users could also manually manipulate a PDF to extend bleed if the file design allowed it. The new version is a leap forward, as it works by mirroring the individual objects that are close to or cross a PDF box to create bleed. These mirrored objects are also completely editable so the resulting bleed can also be adjusted manually if necessary, which we believe is unique in the world of preflighting. Bleed can be generated for single or multiple objects, as well as complete pages or documents, significantly streamlining workflow in the production process.”

Customisable Preflight Messages - Based upon PitStop users’ request, the ability to customise the warning and error messages in the PitStop Preflight reports has been added. In PitStop 13, messages can be customised to reflect non-technical language that can include suggestions for corrections if necessary. In addition, the preflight messages can be translated into languages that are not currently supported by the PitStop application.

PitStop Pro 13 available with option of subscription licensing - Subscription licensing models are becoming popular within the design, print and publishing industries. Enfocus has had positive feedback from more than 2,000 customers regarding this type of licensing model, and as a result Enfocus is pleased to announce that subscription licensing is now a new option users can consider when purchasing PitStop Pro 13.

A single monthly subscription for PitStop Pro will cost £25 per month, or £20 per month with an annual prepaid contract at £240 whereas a perpetual license cost £579. The option for subscription licensing will be available when PitStop 13 is released in April 2015.

Users purchasing or upgrading to PitStop 12 will automatically be entitled to PitStop 13 free-of-charge when the new version is available.