Herzog + Heymann’s KL 45 – a new concept in ‘Miniature’ folding

Specialist folding manufacturer Herzog + Heymann has announced the introduction of the KL 45 Miniature folding machine, which is being described as a new concept in the market segment of lightweight paper folding. Based on the long-established and well-proven KL 112.1 technology, the newly designed and developed model now incorporates a number of basic technical differences that include a belt drive instead of a gear drive, slimmer folding plate construction, and capsulated control.

Constructed of high quality components, the new Herzog +Heymann KL 45 also incorporates an integrated batch counter and double sheet detection, and whether doing short or long job runs, the new folder can be optimised to suit most production requirements with either a pile feeder or continuous feeder. Additionally, this system can be configured with fold plate combinations of 8/6, 8/4, 6/6 and 6/4 for different job applications. Folding speed is up to 150 metres per minute.

Existing production units (eg. knife units, pressing unit, labeller, etc) can be used behind the KL 45. It is also expandable with gluing or quality control systems, and vertical deliveries of Type 177 or 180 with kicker or a flat track can be used for parallel fold and cross-fold applications.

With its list of included standard features, this ensures that the new Herzog + Heymann KL 45 Miniature folding machine has all the basics in one self-contained solution. In terms of greater economy and profitability for the user, reduced manufacturing costs have resulted in a very competitive price for the KL 45, but not at the expense of lowering the expected high level of quality output.

Immediately available, the new Herzog + Heymann KL 45 is supplied in the UK & Ireland from agent, Friedheim International.

For further details contact 01442 206100 or e-mail: info@friedheim.co.uk .