Ashgate launch the industry’s first Fastbind PUR/EVA tabletop perfect binder for less than £10,000

Ashgate Automation has launched the PUREVA XT EVA and PUR perfect binder, the latest innovation from Fastbind, manufacturer’s of low volume perfect binding and casemaking equipment. The Fastbind PUREVA XT makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the PUR hot melt quality for less than £10,000, which is a price unparalled in the industry.

Designed and built with the short run, digital printer in mind, what sets the PUREVA apart is that this compact, table top binder gives you both soft and hard cover binding in one machine using your choice of standard EVA or PUR hot melts, depending upon the job in hand. With quick change interchangeable EVA/PUR cartridges, the PUREVA XT can meet all of your in-house finishing needs, giving you the flexibility to adapt on a job by job basis. Its ‘closed tank’ system is normally found on far more expensive binders.

Built on the same chassis as the popular Fastbind Elite XT perfect binder, users will benefit from the reliability they have come to expect from Fastbind. Now, virtually any binding job up to SRA3 size or A4 landscape and up to 45mm thick can be accommodated by using the flexibility and superior binding strength of PUR glue or regular EVA glue for everyday jobs.
With traditional PUR machines, maintenance can be expensive and time consuming. PUREVA XT’s innovative patented glue mechanism is easily cleaned or changed, thanks to economical glue cartridges, which make it possible to change from PUR to EVA in seconds. It uses an electronic adjustable temperature control with single button operation when switching between glue types. It also has a totally new kind of rail mechanism for the glue applicator. The applicator glides effortlessly over the book block with almost no resistance. The large handles are placed low in front of the applicator for ease of use.

A new PGO Microcut roughener optimises the cutting pattern to increase glue penetration for better binding strength. Unlike other spine rougheners that grind the spine. Creating noise and dust, the PGO opens the paper grain with very little noise and almost no paper dust.

Easy to use, the PUREVA XT requires no set up times or book format adjustments. It self -adjusts for book thickness from 1 to 1000 pages (depending on paper stock). It offers easy manual operation, which along with the rugged construction, means low maintenance and years of dependable use.
The Fastbind PUREVA XT can be combined with Fastbind Casemakers for high quality hard cover books and photo albums.

“Short run soft and hard cover books are growing in demand and have become one of the most profitable products you can offer. Dramatically smaller and considerably lower priced than traditional PUR machines, virtually any print shop can incorporate the flexibility of the PUREVA XT into its existing environment. This is a breakthrough not only for the small to medium sized printers but large binderies as well,” said Lewis Price, Sales Director, Ashgate Automation.

Further info from Ashgate on 01865 91 904