Commemorating 25 years of Mondi’s BIO TOP 3 – now offered CO2 neutral

The International packaging and paper manufacturer Mondi introduced BIO TOP 3 twenty five years ago and in recognition of the long-term performance of its unique off-white, TCF brand is now offering BIO TOP 3 80 g/m² in a CO2 neutral version to further strengthen the paper’s exceptional environmental credentials.

First developed as office paper, then as a hybrid paper for offset printing and now also available for high-speed inkjet applications, BIO TOP 3 has kept pace with market developments. BIO TOP 3 was developed in Mondi Neusiedler in 1989. At the time of its ground breaking launch, it was the world’s first TCF paper on the market and continues to be produced totally chlorine free and without any optical brightening agents (OBAs) today. As a result the paper retains a natural uncoated feel with an off-white shade.

“In the meantime we believe it is not a shade but an attitude – towards more: More versatility for different applications, more environmental requirements, better colour reproduction and more impact with printed products. That is the secret behind BIO TOP 3’s enduring success on the market,” said Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.

BIO TOP 3 is also EU Ecolabel and Austrian Environmental Label certified, with a Life Cycle Assessment and bears Mondi’s Green Range label for sustainably produced products. It is suitable for digital, preprint and offset applications. With the launch of the BIO TOP 3 LOOKBOOK, Mondi’s high-end marketing tool showcasing the power of paper to complement good design, BIO TOP 3 is positioned primarily for premium catalogues, corporate design and sustainability reports, and premium books. As in recent years, Mondi has chosen BIO TOP 3 for the printing of its sustainability report, Sharing their sustainable future 2013, which is available upon request or online under www.mondigroup.com/sustainability. This positioning document provides an insight into what sustainable development means to Mondi within a global context.

“I often get asked to recommend a sustainable paper and when I do I always say BIO TOP 3,” says Angie Rattay, founder of the charity platform NEONGREEN NETWORK and the annual EARTHtalks held in the Hofburg. “It is also the paper I chose for the Earth Talks programmes again this year.”

Mondi’s innovative BIO TOP 3 LOOKBOOK, an art and design catalogue launched in 2013 to showcase the potential of BIO TOP 3, was recognised with the Golden Pixel Award 2013 and the Printissimo 2013 awards.
“Be it a limited edition artistic screen print by Perfekt Prints or the latest Triumph Essence autumn/winter dessous catalogue, with BIO TOP 3 we are in touch every day with our customers – and that since 25 years, ” concludes Klumpp.

For more information please see: www.mondigroup.com/biotop3