Antalis’s ultimate multi-sensory experience with New Curious Matter swatch book

Antalis UK is giving designers, and print service providers the opportunity to experience the multi-sensory sensation of Curious Matter, with the launch of a new swatch book. Curious Matter is the latest edition to the Curious Collection of creative papers, which offers unique, daring and luxuriously tactile features that deliver ultimate creativity.

The new swatch book aims to stimulate the senses to the endless applications of the Curious Matter family, which is one of the most innovative and distinctive, offering highly textural, intensely matt and ultra-pigmented papers in a choice of seven distinctive colours.

Central to the intriguing grainy yet luxurious feel of the paper, which exudes the fusion of sand and silk, is the material from which it is made – potato starch. The result, is an up-cycled paper that hides its humble beginnings behind a façade of alluring sophistication. Adding further to its humble origins while adding to its quirky appeal, the colours within the Curious Matter family are named after specific potato varieties, such as Desirée Red, Purple Majesty and Adiron Blue.

“Until you experience the tactile uniqueness of Curious Matter through touching and feeling the substrate, you really can’t appreciate the extra dimension this innovative paper can bring to your finished product,” says Emma Linley, Antalis Creative Papers Product Manager. “This new swatch book gives a free handling experience of the textural assets of the paper as well as allowing you to see just how deep, uniform and intensely matt the colours in the range are.”

Curious Matter has undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance with four-colour and spot varnish offset printing, digital dry toner printing, lithography and letterpress as well as the full range of finishing techniques and processes.

The Curious Collection, which is a result of eight years of product development by Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ Creative Laboratory, is available exclusively through Antalis. The full collection includes the innovative Translucents, Metallics, Skin, Touch and Cosmic ranges as well as Curious Matter.

To find out more information about the Curious Matter range, and to obtain your copy of the free swatch book, please contact Antalis on 0870 607 9014 or visit www.antalis.co.uk .