Taopix Launches Taopix Online

Taopix, the photobook and gift software manufacturer are launching a new online HTML5 based designer worldwide on Monday 9th September,

Speaking about the new product, James Gray, CEO and Founder of Taopix said:
'We've spent the last 18 months developing and testing this brand new browser based editor. We've involved our entire core team of developers, as well as UX specialists and marketing, all working to ensure that what we build is the very best solution for our customers - featuring everything they've come to expect from our leading platform and then some. We've spent time finding out what really works for both our customers and their customers and what just doesn't when it comes to online. We've also focussed heavily on the end user, ensuring their online experience is as easy to use and intuitive as possible from start to finish.'

When asked why Taopix, who are offering Taopix Online alongside their existing desktop based designer solution, has chosen now to bring out an online solution, Gray replied: 'Previously, the technology available did not lend itself well to online photo personalisation. With the advent of HTML5 this has all changed. Taopix Online uses the latest and greatest technology that's proven to work well for creating photo gift products online. HTML5 has allowed us to build a slick interface, which works well across a range of devices, including iPad and Android. This means that a consumer could start a photo project on their laptop at work, save it, then go home and continue to work on it on their iPad. HTML5 is now widely embraced within the tech community, it's robust and it's future proof too.

In addition to this, we're using CSS to allow our customers to easily use CSS style sheets to brand and customise the user interface as much as they like. 'Gray then went on to talk about some of the features that are
 available with Taopix Online:

'It contains a lot of the features you'd expect from us including an easy to use online designer, flight check, complete ecommerce platform with shopping cart. We've managed to pack in a range of useful features, including our powerful text engine, Perfectly Clear photo fix, in-browser photo crop and editor tool etc. ''We've focussed heavily on the end user, ensuring we're delivering a slick user interface and well designed features, such as prominent live pricing within the designer and the ability to work on photos immediately,
even while hi-res versions are still being uploaded. In fact, we've streamlined the way all user menus and options are presented to the user, making the whole system intuitive and easy to navigate.'

One of the features Gray seems most proud of relates to the user interface, a dynamic tool bar named the S.T.U. bar, which has received rave reviews from a select group of customers involved in the Alpha testing programme and has led to a lot of questions about where the name originated from...

'The S.T.U. bar is our new Simple To Use tool bar. It appears prominently within the designer, presenting the user with a small selection of features, represented by easy to follow icons. What's clever about it is that the features presented to the user dynamically change according to where they are in the design and what the user is currently focusing on in context. For example, if they've chosen to add text, the S.T.U. bar dynamically updates to present the user only with the text options featured within our text engine and as they move to another aspect of their photo project the options presented to them update accordingly.

Simply put it gives users everything they need at their fingertips, at the right time within the interface. 'In addition to concentrating on providing an optimal experience for the end user, Taopix has incorporated feedback gained from a number of their existing customers and have fed this into the product development cycle: