LumeBar wins £250k Smart funding

LumeBar, LumeJet's exciting new technology for high speed, industrial applications of inkless, photonic printing, has been awarded £250k funding through the Technology Strategy Board's Smart programme.

"We're delighted," said Trevor Elworthy, LumeJet CIO and founder, "It's very gratifying to win the maximum Smart award against such stiff competition".

Smart awards support SMEs with high growth ambition and potential. To be successful, applicants need to show that they have a really innovative idea, addressing a real market need and have the ability to deliver their idea to drive economic growth.

The award is also a further demonstration of the current interest in Photonics: it was recently identified as one of the Key Enabling Technologies (KET) critical to business led innovation by the EU Commission's 2020 New Horizon Programme.

LumeBar is a new application for LumeJet's unique, patented photonic print head technology being developed for high speed, industrial printing applications. These include ultra high quality documents such as photo books, inline labelling and packaging and plastic electronics.

Rather than a moving print head traversing the media, as in the current LumeJet S200, LumeBar comprises several thousand individually addressable micron sized LED emitters to provide a 'page wide' digital print bar that exposes directly onto designated areas of photo-sensitive media. Individual LumeBars are custom built, tailored for wavelength and spot size, and specifically designed for fast throughput and higher output powers.

Photonic digital printing has conspicuous advantages compared with other, competitive solutions - it's super fast, clean, micron accurate and it may be applied to solid objects and flexible media. It goes beyond the capabilities of conventional ink/toner-based print methods and, with further development, will help facilitate many emerging technologies such as OLEDS, OLAE and plastic logic.

LumeJet is a digital print innovator, based in Coventry and founded in 2010, developing photonic platform technology for inkless printing and patterning applications. For further details, see : http://www.lumejet.com  
Managed by the Technology Strategy Board, the Smart programme offers funding to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge.

For further details, see : http://www.innovateuk.org/deliveringinnovation/smart.ashx