Bladen Box take delivery of new Zünd G3 3.2m digital cutter

When James Bladen founded Bladen Box in 2004 his aim was to produce quality designs for prototyping and manufacture. Working for big names such as Next and Jaguar his company grew from strength to strength and Bladen Box now manufacture all their box and display products in house.
Bladen has now totally embraced digital technology and their manufacturing facilities are driven by this technology; from design to production and finishing.

Bladen Box creates bespoke displays and packaging solutions and aim to provide effective and creative packaging to their clients brief. They have established a strong portfolio of free standing displays, dump bins, cardboard standees, counter display units and displays with shelves to help promote and maximise product impact in store.
They also produce Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) also known as Floor Standing Display Units and counter display units (CDUs), book displays and DVD displays.
They've recently purchased a Zünd G3 L-3200CVE16 with the facilities to cut, crease, fold and more using the universal tool module. They are also looking at other modules that will allow them to incorporate plastics and polypropylene into their product portfolio. The state of the art Zünd flatbed cutter was installed mid January. The installation process took two days to site and build and a further day to test and train with further training two weeks later once the operators had time to use and play with the machine.

James Bladen comments; "The machine was up and running in a very short space of time and it hasn't stopped since. We had confidence that we were in safe hands with the Zünd engineers, we trust them and we know that Zünd UK has a reputation for looking after customers for years down the line. We wanted that personal touch from a family oriented focussed business, like ourselves and we feel we've had that and more already."
The company opted for the integrated software Zünd CutCentre which allows them to create a complete streamlined workflow from printing on their Oce Arizona 360GT through to finishing and cutting on the Zünd G3L. The fact that the whole system is inline and digitised, means that prints can be tiled to make use of the full sheet and then cut to size. Bladen Box has noticed a 20% saving on materials so far based on this new process. In addition, they've noticed a much quicker turnaround in job times as previously the printing and cutting would be done separately. Now, as the prints are coming off the printer, they are being processed by the cutter immediately so the job is done in real time and on demand. With older technology the printing process would have to be complete first, then a die cutter used once all the printing had been done, which was time consuming.
"The process has totally revolutionised the way Bladen Box works and we are have changed our processes as a result - saving time, energy and money - which in turn will have a positive knock on result for our clients."

Bladen Box will be using a wide variety of materials to create their products including corrugated, polypropylene, acetate, folding box-boards in addition to point of purchase and retail materials such as banner and display boards.
Peter Giddings, Sales Director at Zünd UK comments; "Bladen Box is a great example of how a well established packaging company, whose success is founded on printing and finishing packaging solutions to a high standard can, by embracing digital technology, open new markets and find cost savings in a very short space of time. We're delighted they chose the Zünd G3 following an extensive period researching other models, and as always with our customers, we will work with them to ensure they achieve success with their new workflow."
For more information on the Zünd G3, visit www.zund.co.uk