EFI Introduces Suite of Fiery Production Workflow Products

EFI has announced the introduction of theFiery Workflow Suite, a comprehensive set of integrated products to accelerate business growth and profitability. As part of EFI's broad portfolio of integrated products, Fiery Workflow Suite delivers a unique, fully integrated workflow from job submission and business management to scheduling, preparation and production for a new level of productivity.

Fiery Workflow Suite products are designed to integrate seamlessly with EFI's industry leading Fiery digital front end. The suite includes applications for job submission, prepress, make ready, colour profiling and management, personalisation, and output management.

"Print service providers are increasingly replacing standalone workflow solutions with integrated, customisable solutions," says Kaspar Roos, associate director for InfoTrends' production workflow and customised communication service. "In our 2012 Digital Front-End Study, we found strong evidence that print providers want to move their workflow solutions to the DFE so that they can run their workflow from a central location that easily integrates with other systems. With EFI Fiery Workflow Suite, based on its popular Fiery platform, EFI offers its customers exactly this."

"Fiery Workflow Suite products also integrate with EFI's Web-to-Print and Print MIS systems, giving our customers an advanced set of end to end products to reach greater levels of automation and profit," said Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager of EFI's Fiery business unit. "Print service providers can quickly adapt to changing market demands by adding the modular Fiery Workflow Suite products and dramatically grow their bottom line by offering personalisation, quick turnaround on complex documents, and the ability to keep jobs that demand precise colour quality in house."
Fiery Workflow Suite includes three key new applications: Fiery JobFlow, Fiery JobMaster, and Fiery Central, which work together to increase print production efficiency with integrated and automated workflows, maximise print engine capacity and capability, process more jobs in less time, and help print service providers offer new higher profit, value added services.

Fiery JobFlow
Advanced prepress tools automate print workflows to ensure the integrity of jobs before going to print, increasing operator's productivity and shortening turnaround times.
• Integrates tools for PDF conversion, preflight checking, correction and editing of PDF files, image enhancement, document imposition and job ticketing.
• Funnels jobs submitted to a Fiery digital front end or to Fiery Central through configurable workflows.
Fiery JobMaster
Advanced make-ready software makes complex document preparation tasks simple and fast.
• Offers intuitive document assembly including fully visual tab insertion and design, page-level ticketing, finishing, scanning and powerful late-stage editing features.
• Speeds up design and job submission processes using a flexible in-RIP solution with interactive and fully visual job previews.
Fiery Central 2.0
Combines multiple Fiery Driven and other select digital production printers into an optimised, centrally managed production system.
• Balances production output by splitting colour and black and white pages, and by routing all or part of jobs to the most productive and cost efficient printers.
• Includes configurable error rerouting that automatically sends a job to a similar printer to continue production.
• Works with EFI's Digital StoreFront Web-to-Print, plus EFI's MIS/ERP and scheduling software, for accurate production reporting and seamless job submission.

Fiery Workflow Suite also has integrated applications for:
• Job submission - EFI Digital StoreFront
• Colour profiling and management - Fiery Color Profiler Suite
• Make-ready - Fiery Impose and Fiery Compose
• Prepress - Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition
• Variable Data Printing capability - Included in Fiery digital front ends.

For more information on EFI's Fiery Workflow Suite, visit www.efi.com/fieryworkflowsuite