New Xerox Black and White System Increases Productivity

For print providers who want to produce documents quickly, with sharp image quality and on a variety of paper sizes and types the new Xerox Nuvera 157 EA Production System and Nuvera 314 EA Perfecting Production System will deliver.

Fast, flexible black and white production - The Nuvera systems are the most productive cut sheet production black and white devices on the market, with speeds of 157 images per minute and 314 images per minute respectively. Users can opt for the single engine system or the highly productive dual engine system to run duplexed pages twice as fast.

A new production stacker unloads the finished print jobs while the system is still operating. The waist height and ergo-friendly stacker permits larger capacity jobs to be printed without the need for manual intervention. An optional stack cart makes moving volumes of paper around the print shop easier.

The systems can also accommodate a range of paper weights without reducing print speed - a productivity gain for users. Sheet sizes up to 320 mm x 490 mm allow more images to be printed per page - a cost saving for users.
"Print providers can expect a healthy return on their investment with every application produced on these new devices." said Howard Witt, European business manager, Production Printing, Xerox Europe, "The Xerox Nuvera 157 EA Production System and Nuvera 314 EA Perfecting Production System offer outstanding black and white imaging quality, productivity, modularity and a wide range of finishing options."

Expanded features to entire Nuvera line - In addition to the production stacker and the larger sheet size capability, new features to the entire Nuvera portfolio include:
• Updates to Xerox FreeFlow Print Server: new security standards, user interface enhancements and improvements to processing TIFF images on selected mainframe data streams.
• The recently announced Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution for Booklets takes jobs from input to finished output with virtually no operator involvement. A touchless workflow in prepress operations increases uptime by removing the need for manual prepress and finisher setup - booklet jobs are pre-flighted and imposed according to the requirements of each unique job. Also, in-line finishing devices can be shared with multiple printers in a shop, maximising productivity and flexibility. Available on all Nuvera systems installed after October 2009.
• Production Information Management System: tracks performance information, such as machine status and productivity metrics, allowing operators to manage productivity on multiple Xerox presses, in real time, regardless of location (optional feature).

The Xerox Nuvera 157EA Production System and Nuvera 314EA Perfecting Production System are available immediately for order taking and installation. The devices are available through Xerox's direct sales force, resellers and concessionaires.