New standard in grand format UV printers set by Mimaki JFX500-2131

Incorporating a raft of technological breakthroughs, the launch of the Mimaki JFX500-2131 heralds a new benchmark in high quality, environmentally advantageous and high volume UV printing. At printing speeds up to 60 square metres per hour, the JFX500-2131 is 2.5 times faster than conventional JFX printers from Mimaki and brings new efficiency, quality and price/performance to the sign and graphics industry and wide format display marketplace. The JFX500-2131 is due for release this autumn.

The new Mimaki flatbed incorporates a new print head and advanced LED curing to produce an exceptionally high resolution image quality. This innovative, user friendly flatbed printer offers multiple ink options for the ultimate in production flexibility.

The Mimaki LUS-150 ink is a newly formulated CMYK LED curing ink with high speed curing properties and is flexible up to 150%. This results in increased elasticity on a wide variety of media and substrates without cracking or fracturing the cured ink during handling, cutting or other post-print processing.

The JFX500-2131 also operates with Mimaki's existing LH-100 CMYK inks; a more rigid ink formulation for printing on hard surfaces requiring greater adhesion properties. The printer can also utilise Mimaki's LF-140 flexible ink which is available in six colours. All these ink formulations also offer white ink. Use of the Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) ensures ultra-high performance in white ink printing and this feature regularly circulates white ink, enabling stable output by eliminating settling of white pigment in the ink lines. Additionally, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, thereby supporting environmentally and economically friendly applications. Mimaki's Degassing Module (MDM) also eliminates gas or bubbles inside the ink, reducing nozzle blockage and improving accuracy of ink dot placement. This enables the printer to use Mimaki's bottled inks instead of conventional degassed ink packs, further reducing ink costs.

Using LED UV curing, the JFX500-2131 delivers high speed UV printing with all of the advantages of LED technology, including long life, energy savings, lower heat generation, the ability to use thinner, more cost effective media and printing on heat sensitive media that cannot be utilised with conventional UV curing systems.

Equipped with Mimaki's new print engine (six print heads in a three staggered configuration), the JFX500-2131 achieves print speeds of up to 60 m2/h with CMYK, and 45 m2/h for white ink printing. The printer includes two units of Mimaki's highly accurate linear scales controlled by an Intelligent Microstepping System (IMS) for fine step accuracy and dot placement. This results in far less banding artefacts and the ability to print legible two point characters on most media.

Variable drop functionality simultaneously produces three different drop sizes - the minimum drop size is just four pico-litres which results in a smooth, natural gradation and Mimaki's proprietary head control technology delivers unrivalled high definition and high resolution prints. The Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) further ensures a high print quality with multiple printing passes, using a gradational mask pattern. When this option is selected, UV curing is performed more gradually which diminishes any appearance of banding.

Commenting on the launch of the printer - which is available in the UK and Ireland through Mimaki's exclusive distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd - its Industrial Products Sales Manager, Mike Lewis said, "The JFX500-2131 is loaded with powerful new features. It's a highly innovative printer that delivers substantial productivity, typically high Mimaki print quality and some important environmental advantages too."

Mimaki's RasterLink6 RIP software is packaged with the printer and features intuitive operation and powerful pre print tools. Conditions can easily be set with related settings consolidated into a single window and the RIPs colour replacement function enhances the ability to re-create printed images. Selected colours from the RasterLink six colour charts can easily be added into Adobe Illustrator swatches and users can simulate printing colours in Illustrator or Photoshop prior to actually printing, saving both time and money in the design and production process.

The RasterLink 6 RIP also simplifies reverse printing - a key requirement for flatbed UV output. By simply selecting the order of over and under print with white in the software, the most efficient path is automatically determined without further operator intervention. The RIP also enables simultaneous printing of three layers; made up of colour, white and colour - which is ideal for two way view signage.

Available through Hybrid's network of authorised resellers, the Mimaki JFX500-2131 will be available to view this autumn. Full details can be found by visiting www.hybridservices.co.uk  or calling 01270 501900