EFI's Participation as EcoPrint Ambassador Confirms On-going Commitment to Greener Awareness

As a leading proponent of environmentally friendly practices, EFI has announced it is a founding exhibitor and ambassador of the first EcoPrint conference which takes place in Berlin this September. Thanks to EFI's Fiery, digitally printed output has become a widely accepted replacement for analogue print, with workflow products perfecting efficient on-demand production, with the removal of plates and chemicals being complemented by far lower ink volumes. The company has also been instrumental in developing energy and waste saving inkjet printing systems with its VUTEk LX and Jetrion platforms.

"We understand fully how integration of workflows can eliminate overproduction, so EFI's ethos is to use less energy and fewer consumables, generating cost effective business practices and improving the green credentials of our customers," states Frank Tueckmantel, vice-president of corporate marketing at EFI. "Improved colour accuracy and repeatability are also key contributors to optimising processes which encourage more eco awareness by removing waste. And, by streamlining software and printer connectivity, users can maximise resources while reducing over-production. Our latest inkjet solutions are designed to save energy, too, so all these environmental factors combine to make EcoPrint the ideal event where we can show print businesses how to become more sustainable."

EFI's award winning UV-curable printers are designed and configured with efficiency as key, with its Fiery workflow helping to reduce ink consumption by up to 20%. The wide format VUTEk TX3250r enables print service providers to create long life, reusable output using polyester based textiles, encouraging greener practices for end customers. Its Jetrion 4900 digital label solution prevents material waste by incorporating short to medium volume capabilities with efficient rewind functionality. These versatile solutions avoid over-production, offering easy make-ready, which is chemistry free, along with very economical running costs. Similarly, the company's business software solutions automate former labour intensive tasks, with its eCommerce and web to print solutions guaranteeing fulfilment efficiency by generating error-free processes, leading to greener business practices. 

For more information about EFI MIS systems, visit www.efi.com