Bespoke Video Brochures: Making your Print Talk, Sing – and Move!

Original and creative audio print company Talking Print, announces the launch of its new, entirely bespoke video brochures. Ideal for all types of marketing and public relations campaigns, Talking Print brings customers a totally new and memorable experience with brochures that open to show breathtaking video.

Talking Print's bespoke offering means that each brochure is completely customised to client requirements. Each piece is uniquely personalised with its own video and print, there is no minimum or maximum order quantity and no restrictions as to where the video can be used. They can produce a video in print, in a box or even as a video greeting card. Customers can work with Talking Print's templates or create their own artwork to deliver a bold and memorable video message that is perfectly supported by the brochure design.

Talking Print has the skills and vision to make printed brochures and video screens work together perfectly. With unique in-house expertise in audio/video, print and marketing, Talking Print works with customers to make the process of producing the video brochures seamless.

The video modules are the latest high resolution TFT LCD specification and available in many different sizes, including a high impact 4.3" widescreen and the latest 7" hi-tech version with touchscreen technology. Talking Print includes extra memory to allow for larger files and the option of up to six different video downloads in one presentation. With a built-in, high power rechargeable battery pack, every unit has a USB connection for charging and upload/download.
"We're so excited about the opportunities that our bespoke video brochures bring to the marketing and promotions community," comments David Hyams, Co-Founder of Talking Print. "The brochure that marketers have always dreamt of has arrived and we have the expertise to make it work brilliantly." "Talking Print specialises in creating innovative creative print experiences, comments John Wignall, Talking Print's Co-Founder. "Working first with audio and now video, I think we have proved how powerful an interactive, full on visual and audio message can be."

Video Brochures are the latest addition to Talking Print's exciting stable of products which includes recordable audio chips, audio greetings cards, modules on demand and POS audio.

Take a look at Print Talking: www.talkingprint.com/examples/see_print_talking.html