Pantone LLC, the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries, has announced the addition of 336 new colours to its PANTONE
PLUS SERIES, bringing the total to 1,677 colours.

Introduced in 2010, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES is the next generation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM - the defacto standard for colour communication in the graphic arts market. The PLUS SERIES provides an accurate way for designers to communicate and control colour throughout the entire design process - from inspiration to final output. The 336 new colours offer designers more options and flexibility in the creative pro PLUS SERIES Colour Library.

The 336 New Colours enrich the current PLUS SERIES palette, providing a more comprehensive selection. All colour families are extended to include a wider variety of values, saturation and undertones - from subtle pastels and reliable mid-tones to the intensity of deep tones, vivid brights and vital, nuanced neutrals.

"Pantone is committed to continually deliver essential colour inspiration and innovation to creatives and colour professionals," said Giovanni Marra, director of corporate marketing at Pantone. "Designers consistently demand more colours to differentiate their work and stand out in a crowded marketplace. We created the 336 new colours with this in mind, expanding all colour ranges to offer designers greater creative freedom."

The new colours were inspired by the PANTONE Goe System and add depth and breadth to the PLUS SERIES Colour Library with fresh hues that did not previously exist. The Goe System represents important technical improvements in the area of ink film consistency and coatability, and these benefits have migrated to the 336 new colours. Formulated using consistent ink-film thicknesses, the 366 new colours can be easily reproduced by printers worldwide. All 336 new colours will be available in coated and uncoated formats and are printed on text-weight paper to match popular print specifications.

The 336 new colours, coated and uncoated, are available immediately and can be purchased from the Pantone website at www.pantone.com/plus and through PANTONE Resellers worldwide. The additional colours will be available as supplements for a limited time so owners of previous publications can easily update their Guides.

COLOUR BRIDGE supplements featuring the 336 new colours will be available in June. All new orders for core publications (PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE, COLOUR BRIDGE, etc.) will ship with the 336 New Colours supplements.

The 336 new colours will also be available in CAPSURE™ and the myPANTONE™ mobile app (for iPhone and Android smartphones) by early June. Owners of all of these products will receive automatic updates to download the 336 new colours.

More information is available at www.pantone.com