EFI Launches Fiery Dashboard Cloud Based Service

With the 13th annual Connect users' conference underway, EFI has launched Fiery Dashboard, a cloud based service that enables production managers to easily and quickly analyse their operations and make better business decisions. Fiery Dashboard provides 24/7 access to real time production data from any Internet browser, including mobile phones and tablets.

"From printer uptime and utilisation to media use and paper jams, as well as a host of other metrics, now print shop owners can take better control of their operation with our cloud based Fiery Dashboard service," said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI. "Users don't have to be in their shop to stay on top of their operations, and don't need to stop the presses to get the information necessary to make the right, data driven business decisions."

With Fiery Dashboard, you can collect a vast amount of production level data to monitor and measure what is most important to you. The dashboard view can be customised to focus on specific printers or groups of printers, define targets for engine utilisation, or choose different date ranges to measure daily, weekly, quarterly or even annual growth. Managers can easily see engine utilisation and status, jobs and pages printed by media and the split between colour and black and white. There are also a range of metrics that identify the source of production inefficiencies, from job errors and cancellations to paper jams. Fiery Dashboard also presents system status such as when engines need calibration to ensure colour consistency in addition to identifying current level of software updates.

You can compare these metrics between any or all Fiery Driven printers in the shop to understand relative engine productivity to more efficiently leverage resources across the shop. For instance, an owner may want to track black and white pages printed on a colour device to help determine if it makes more sense to purchase a dedicated black and white printer. Another example enables managers to compare printer utilisation to help balance workload and optimise time shifts and schedules.

For more information about EFI, visit www.efi.com