Ricoh Europe’s new carbon balanced printing programme

Ricoh Europe is launching a Carbon Balanced Printing Programme, designed specifically for print service providers.  It helps them to reduce the environmental impact of printing using Ricoh Pro production printing systems, and to provide a carbon neutral service to their clients. The programme, which is the first of its kind in Europe, is aimed at commercial printers and corporate print rooms and is accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI). The Carbon Balanced Printing Programme builds on the success of Ricoh's award winning Sustainability Optimisation Programme, which offers carbon balanced printing to the office market. The new programme follows a three step process, enabling print service providers to; 1) analyse the carbon footprint of each print job; 2) optimise it by improving the way they work and; 3) neutralise the remaining, unavoidable emissions through carbon credits.The first step involves an in-depth analysis of printing activity, to determine annual carbon emissions. Areas of analysis include the operation of Ricoh production systems, the paper used, energy consumed, delivery distances of supplies and travelling distances of our service engineers. The second step involves optimisation of the print environment to make it more sustainable. A carbon calculator available through Ricoh's Business Driver Programme determines the carbon generated per print job. More environmentally responsible ways to print are then identified and implemented, such as using different types of recycled media. And through a carbon assessment, Ricoh consultants review the entire production process on an ongoing basis.  As a result they will suggest further ways to minimise energy consumption, reduce waste and improve the recycling practices of both output and machine supplies. The final step involves neutralising the remaining and unavoidable carbon emissions with Certified Emission Reductions. These carbon credits have been generated by clean energy projects in which Ricoh has invested. Print service providers are then certified as a 'Ricoh Carbon Balanced Printer' and provided with tools and documentation they can use to confirm to end customers that their print job is carbon neutral.Graham Moore, Business Development Director, Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe PLC said: "Print buyers are increasingly seeking to purchase services that use sustainable materials and play their part in helping to reduce their organisations carbon emissions.  The print industry has already made positive steps to be more sustainable, through recycled paper stocks, plant based inks and reduced waste thanks to digital printing on demand. At a time when print service providers are differentiating their businesses to offer a wider range of services to their clients, carbon balanced printing offers a unique way to reduce environmental impact, attract new customers and to add more value to existing ones."Hans Breuker, Senior Manager, BSI, the global independent standards body renowned for its vigorous testing, says: "Ricoh's Carbon Balanced Printing Programme is transparent and robust, as our independent audit confirms. Through the programme, Ricoh is offering a best practice way for production print businesses to be more environmentally responsible in their own activities, in turn sharing that responsible approach with their own customers."Moore concludes, "Ricoh is delighted to be able to extend our service portfolio to include Carbon Balanced Printing, which supports our longstanding commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of our own operations and at our customer sites while at the same time allowing print service providers to offer a carbon neutral service to their clients."Ricoh's three step Carbon Balanced Printing Programme is available throughout Europe now. Visit www.ricoh-europe.com/carbonbalanced for details.