Flagship addition to Mimaki’s dye sublimation line-up

Mimaki has added to its already broad range of models for this market with the launch of the world's fastest sublimation inkjet printer along with a new ink. Designed to enhance productivity for the textile, apparel and soft signage markets, the Mimaki TS500-1800 printer and the new Sb300 sublimation ink are expected to be released in April 2012.

"We are excited to bring to market the world's fastest dye sublimation printer, capable of printing at 150 square metres per hour on transfer paper," said Sakae Sagane, Managing Director of Mimaki Europe. "This printer is ideal for production of textile apparel and soft signage, both of which are seeing growth in run lengths appropriate for digital printing. We believe the TS500-1800 will enable manufacturers of apparel and soft signage to capitalise on the growing demand for shorter runs and customised or even personalised products in these two burgeoning digital markets. Our new ink delivers brilliant colour, and using RasterLink 6, printer operators can easily convert special colours to specific Pantone references to ensure colour integrity."

Commenting on the launch of the new machine, Duncan Jefferies, from Mimaki's exclusive UK & Ireland distributor; Hybrid Services Ltd said, "The combination of the new Mimaki printer and ink should allow customers seeking a volume dye sublimation solution to deliver a massive increase in productivity to their business. Mimaki's digital textile heritage is enviable so we're confident that the larger polyester printing companies will see this as an important announcement."

The TS500-1800 features a number of new capabilities that set it apart including:
Unmatched printing speed for sublimation paper at 150m2/h in high-speed mode. The TS500-1800 uses newly developed print heads that achieve a maximum speed in four or six colour mode. The printer includes a three staggered array of six print heads.
Mist removal filter to prevent problems caused by ink misting and enhance the stability of print operations by suctioning the mist inside the printer.
Mimaki Degassing Module. The Mimaki degassing module (MDM-20) eliminates any gasses or bubbles that can occur in inks during the printing process, decreasing the likelihood of nozzle blockage and improving the accuracy of ink dot placement. In addition to this, the module enables the printer to use un-degassed bottled inks instead of conventional degassed ink packs, further reducing ink costs.
New dye sublimation ink. Mimaki has developed a new ink, optimised for dye sublimation printing and for use with the TS500-1800. The Sb300 ink offers an attractive price point, dries quickly and produces brilliant colours. Mimaki Sb300 ink is available in six colours - blue, magenta, yellow, black, light blue and light magenta.
Auto Media Feeder (AMF). Mimaki's unique Auto Media Feeder provides stable feeding and take up of print media, eliminating much of the need for operator intervention during printing
Larger Roll Media Size - The TS500-1800 can accept rolls of media up to 60kg and 300mm in diameter further improving operator productivity by eliminating the need for frequent media changes. Larger orders can be continuously printed without interruption, or batches of smaller orders using the same media can be easily handled.

More details on Mimaki products can be found at www.hybridservices.co.uk