KIP launches low cost ‘point of need’ print system

KIP, a specialist supplier of wide format digital reprographic systems, has launched the KIP 700RC multi-function print system in the UK. An ultra compact, exceptionally low cost and versatile solution targeted squarely at 'point of need' applications such as design offices and site locations, the 700RC (Roll/Cassette) is equipped with both paper feed roll and paper cassette enabling quick and easy printing of all A size prints without changing rolls, cutting down on print time and wastage.

Based on KIP's world leading 100% toner efficient HDP mono print engine technology, the KIP 700RC also features a high grade built in colour scanner with the ability to print and copy directly to colour inkjets, delivering significant productivity and cost savings over competing all in one inkjet based mono/colour solutions that not only have limited multiple task handling capability but also print speeds and costs that vary with image content.

In keeping with KIP's 'family' approach to product standardisation, the KIP 700RC shares the same award winning touchscreen user interface and software platform as the entire range of KIP systems, offering significant technical and operational advantages while also giving entry level users access to high end productivity and management tools, including full cost accounting.

Also in common with other KIP systems, the 700RC offers a key code upgrade path for scan to file and direct copy to inkjet, providing a very low cost entry point for basic print and copy applications while providing a versatile and cost effective route to more sophisticated facilities as required.

The KIP 700RC supports the full range of architectural and engineering print sizes through combined use of a front loading paper roll and integrated paper cassette, the latter extending the range of print sizes that can be produced without the need to change paper rolls and addressing a growing demand for fast, half size prints and check prints for meetings or review.

Grainger Hill of KIP UK comments: "The KIP 700RC is a truly significant breakthrough for the entry level print market, offering users and small businesses significant cost savings and productivity gains over inkjet based all in one mono/colour systems. Monitoring and controlling costs has never mattered so much, both at the sharp end of delivery and at a wider level within geographically distributed organisations, and our systems offer major advantages in this regard. KIP's modular approach and keycode upgrade path are also deeply significant, dropping the cost of entry to an even lower level: for analogue users there has never been a better time to go digital; for existing digital users, KIP systems offer cost savings and productivity benefits unmatched by anything else in the market."