Duplo’s new multi-function finishing solution

 The DC-745, from Duplo International, is the latest high speed multi finishing solution for high volume digital colour print. It is operated from a PC Controller to produce an array of finished materials including business cards, greetings cards, photo gift products and general business marketing collateral. 

There are a number of new features including cross sheet perforating, either fully across the sheet, or partially perforated areas up to 15 times on one sheet.   This is ideal for tear off sections, coupons and vouchers to be incorporated into direct mail and trans-promotional pieces.

 Also, up to four independently controlled tools allow users to switch easily between combinations of scoring, perforating, micro-perforating (new) and slit-scoring - another new feature which is partial slitting for card stock commonly required for greetings cards.

 As well as performing up to 15 cuts, 15 creases and 10 slits through the sheet, the multi-function tooling provides the user with greater flexibility, for more specialised applications as well as customer created templates.

The DC-745's automated job set-up, from a barcode printed on the sheet, effects changeovers in less than 20 seconds. The greater intelligence of this machine means the required finishing settings are uploaded from memory along with the tooling positions.  The CCD camera reads the 'true image' position on the sheet, to process jobs with great accuracy, up to speeds of 50 sheets per minute.

With an eye towards higher productivity levels, input and output capacity is increased 50%. Trim waste from the sheet passes through a second knife system that cuts and compacts into a bin below the machine, to allow longer runs between unloading.