Konica Minolta launches breakthrough colour production system

Konica Minolta has launched the bizhub PRESS C8000, a digital colour press designed to meet the demanding and diverse requirements of the commercial print sector. With a print speed of up to 80 pages per minute and an impressive input capacity of up to 10,760 sheets, the bizhub PRESS C8000 handles monthly volumes of around 500,000 prints with ease.

Equipped with a robust new eight beam laser engine and eight bit full colour resolution at 1200 by 1200dpi, the bizhub PRESS C8000 represents a turning point for digital colour stability and quality on long print runs. The bizhub PRESS C8000 achieves this using Konica Minolta's Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Process (SEAD II) technology, which combines an array of technical innovations to guarantee truly exceptional colour reproduction even at top speeds.

This includes FM (Frequency Modulated) screen technology which provides additional screens for higher quality prints; ITbit technology that helps to refine the clarity of text; image stability which automatically improves the stability of the image quality enhancing production efficiency; and density control which senses and corrects the gradations of different media according to the paper used, eliminating the time consuming process of producing test patterns. These automated colour management tools facilitate streamlined workflows with calibration that is completely hands free, and frees operators to focus on producing more outstanding quality jobs in less time.

The bizhub PRESS C8000 also utilises Konica Minolta's third generation Simitri HD+ polymerised toner for enhanced image quality and low temperature fusing even on thick paper, meaning the range of supported media has been considerably extended, with higher paper weights of up to 350gsm, and duplex printing possible on substrates up to 300gsm. In addition to low temperature fixing, the new third generation Simitri HD+ polymerised toner also features enhanced heavy paper productivity, virtually eliminating paper curling.

Konica Minolta has also equipped the bizhub PRESS C8000 with a mechanical decurler designed to reduce curl through the paper path. Where required the system performance can be enhanced with a unique optional humidification decurler which can elevate the moisture content in the paper and further reduce curling.

The bizhub PRESS C8000 is also the first colour digital press to adopt Konica Minolta's air suction belt paper feed system for highly accurate feeding of a wider range of substrates. There is also a skew detection system, which detects and prevents paper from skewing inside the machine, ensuring almost no image shift to photos on spread layouts.
Amongst other automated options there is also ORUM (Operator Replaceable Unit Management) keeping downtime to a minimum. Extensive automation of operator tasks considerably increases uptime and Konica Minolta's Customer Maintenance Support (CMS) concept and CS Remote Care diagnostics keep the bizhub PRESS C8000 running smoothly, ensuring that production runs without a hitch. Customisable paper profiles and image alignment save time, increase productivity, and ensure the highest quality output.

In common with the entire Konica Minolta professional production print system range, the bizhub PRESS C8000 offers a flexible choice of online finishing options including large capacity stacker, hole punching, folding, stapling, saddle stitching and perfect binding.

For Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd, Pauline Brooks, Group Product Manager for the Production Print Division said, "The new bizhub PRESS C8000 is a breakthrough system for Konica Minolta taking us into the high speed digital press sector for professional print production. The system offers outstanding image quality and image stability over long print runs, with output comparable to offset litho quality. The bizhub PRESS C8000 represents a significant R&D investment and is clear evidence of Konica Minolta's commitment to the production print sector."