Epson Desktop Disc Publisher for CD and DVD Duplication

Epson has announced the release of Discproducer, a compact integrated
desktop disc duplication solution designed for businesses and
organisations that need to create professional quality customised CDs or
DVDs on demand.

Suitable for design and reprographic departments, copying services and
any other business with duplicating or archiving needs, the Discproducer
can burn and print up to 100 copies of the same disc or unique discs, in
a single, fully automated process.

Equipped with Epson's patented AcuGripT robotic technology,
Discproducer's robotic arm ensures highly reliable single disc pick up. It
also incorporates a built-in, six colour, inkjet printer that delivers high
quality print. Using Epson's patented Micro Piezo® inkjet technology, the
printhead provides precise control of the ink droplets, ensuring labels
with sharp text and vibrant graphics.

The high capacity, individual ink cartridges increase ink efficiency and
can produce over 1,000 discs without needing to change a cartridge.
Each cartridge includes a low-ink sensor and LED indicator to ensure that
operators have adequate ink to complete a full run. Combined with
Epson recommended Taiyo Yuden Watershield discs, the glossy prints are
instantly smudge and water resistant.

Epson's Discproducer makes disc production as easy as using a printer.
The 'Total Disc Maker' software, developed by Epson, enables data
formatting, label editing and control of the production process in one
easy-to-use application. The Discproducer's totally enclosed cabinet with
positive pressure environment reduces airborne particle contamination
and increases read/write reliability. Its compact footprint and front
operation means it can be conveniently placed on a shelf. The robot arm
places the discs in a separate output tray for easy removal.

"The Discproducer delivers high quality, reliable performance in a
desktop unit making it ideal for businesses and organisations with
duplicating and archiving requirements." said David Ormerod, Product
Manager, Epson RTD. "It is unmatched in its combination of features,
reliability and superior quality print."

Discproducer PP-100 Key Features
• 1 to 100 disc capacity
• AcuGripT technology for reliable single disc pick up
• Highest quality printing with crisp clear text and vibrant graphics
• Six individual, high capacity ink cartridges
• Low-ink sensor and LED indicator for each cartridge
• Label printing up to 45 discs per hour
• Generate up to 30 CDs or 13 DVDs per hour
• Sealed, positive pressure environment for increased read/write
• Easy-to-use software with label templates
• Economical to operate and maintain
• Compact footprint and front operation for desktop use

Visit us at www.discproducer.epson.com