OKI Plugs gap for Copyright Free Images

 OKI Printing Solutions (OKI) has announced the launch of V-Studio a
unique interactive Internet-based community area for print users.
Representing a first for the print industry, the new site gives businesses
easy access to a variety of benefits including a library of royalty-free
images, conveniently categorised by vertical sector.

According to OKI's marketing director, Ewa Johnson, "V-Studio
addresses a common dilemma businesses face when developing
presentations or other important business documents - a chronic
shortage of readily-available, high-quality images. Typically, companies
react either by paying for expensive agency photographs, or by risking
breach of copyright by obtaining (often poor-quality) pictures from the

"V-Studio solves this problem by giving registrants access to an
extensive library of royalty-free images categorised by vertical sector.
They can then integrate these images into documents as and when
required," continues Johnson.

"Through V-Studio we are therefore making it as easy as possible
for businesses, even those with little in-house design expertise, to
'professionalise' what they do and create high-quality, high-impact

Additional Benefits
First-time visitors to V-Studio follow a straightforward registration
process before setting up their own personalised online area. V-Studio
stores information on previous visits so that the area becomes more
closely customised to your interests and needs over time.

Users will also have the opportunity to develop their own print
documents using OKI's free template manager software together with
their own newly developed image library. OKI will send users ten free
prints to work on. If they purchase any OKI products, users can access
a separate area called My Accounts where they can view relevant details
about their purchase.

Registered users also benefit from a 21-day free 'try before you buy'
promotion on A3 products together with a seven-day preview of
relevant end-user promotions before they are made publicly available
elsewhere. Registrants also obtain priority access to promotions and
other special offers relevant to their vertical sector, together with free
entry to OKI events, exhibitions and conferences.

"We believe that V-Studio is unique in the print market today. No other
printer manufacturer currently has a community area offering a
comparable level of interactivity or an equivalent range of benefits
customised to users' specific needs," says Johnson.