XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide,
have announcd the release of Instant PDF 4.1, offering Universal Binary
support, Mac OS X Leopard and Adobe Acrobat 8 compatibility and and
performance upgrades. Instant PDF 4 removes the uncertainty and
technical complexity from the PDF creation process. No other application
so intuitively and reliably creates Certified PDFs that comply with print or
advertisement vendor specifications.

Instant PDF uses Enfocus PDF Queues to guide the entire PDF creation
process. Enfocus PDF Queues published on CertifiedPDF.net by printers,
publishers, industry associations, and Enfocus can be directly imported
from within Instant PDF. The built-in synchronisation feature with
CertifiedPDF.net guarantees imported PDF Queues remain up-to-date,
ensuring ongoing consistency with your printer,
publisher or industry association specification.

Once imported, PDF Queues become
accessible through the "Save as Certified PDF"
file menu functionality from within industry
leading page layout and PDF tools such as
Adobe® InDesign®, QuarkXPress, Adobe®
Acrobat® and through the PDF Services feature
in the Mac OS X print dialogue. Creative
professionals remain productive in their familiar
environment without having to worry about
print styles, PDF export and other PDF creation
settings. Designers are free to design without
agonising over the technical aspects of PDF file

Additionally, Instant PDF provides a comprehensive in-application help
system. This help system contains a complete description of possible
errors and warnings that appear during preflight and assists the
document creator in solving them.

Instant PDF closes the communication gap between the creative and
production process, providing document creators and receivers the
functionality to achieve consistent PDF output and quality control via the
award-winning Certified PDF® technology.

New in version 4.1:
• Universal Binary - Instant PDF 4 harnesses the power of the latest
Apple® hardware with full support for Intel®-based machines.
• Acrobat® 8 compatibility - Instant PDF is fully compatible with
Acrobat 8 and PDF 1.7
• Export from QuarkXPress 7
• Export from Adobe® Illustrator® CS3
• Full Compatibility with PitStop Professional 7 (and PitStop Server 4)
• Active/Passive FTP-Transfer PDF files wherever you are Instant PDF 4
supports FTP Passive mode: you can upload via FTP even if you are
behind a firewall that doesn't allow regular FTP.

The update is free for Instant PDF 4 users and is available now through
XChange International. To order, or for more information, users can visit
www.xchangeuk.com, or call on 020 7490 4455.
Email address is info@xchangeuk.com.


XChange International are pleased to announce the release of an update
to the BarcodeMaker plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS3. The easy-to-use
plug-in now lets users print their barcodes in CMYK process and spot
colours. Now users who are printing an entire
book cover using a single CMYK spot colour can
utilise BarcodeMaker for their book designs.
For current users of BarcodeMaker for CS3, the
update is free. Existing CS and CS2 users will
need to upgrade to the CS3 version to get these
new features.