DPTA - Digital Print Training Academy

By popular demand CSN/CSMA will be broadening its range of services to the instant print sector in 2008. We have been asked to provide specific training for existing and new employees who man our 5000 frontline print shops. Research with existing suppliers has proved that a bespoke series of courses are required to increase our professionalism in print.
We have opened a new facility on Denton Island in Newhaven East Sussex, which is next door to an existing purpose built training complex that has a reputation for excellence in the development of the South East's workforce.
Our new premises are located with 45 other new businesses in Newhaven Enterprise Centre, where we will be working with Train2Gain developing our very own industry NVQs in print. DPTA, Digital Print Training Academy will be offering training in how best to serve the still growing eight million SOHO, Small Office Home Office, customer base. Obviously partnering with trusted trade suppliers will be key to fulfilling our objectives. Starting with pre-press design and print ready files. We will then be focusing on an industry best practice for printing in various technologies, mainly digital press but also LFP, inkjet, di-sub, foiling, finishing and even vinyl cutting.
The training rooms are flexible, in size and reservation times, as they are available on demand without attracting overheads out of term time. We are also in close negotiation to secure an online remote learning programme. This print driving licence will be a self driven course to be completed in the students own flexible time and proceed through self learning modules. To participate is to pass on to the next stage.
Part of our permanent residence is the UK model print shop, Printhaven. This actual, real scenario, print business is ideal for case studies and hands on training through practical modules.
We are writing the courses to attract all instant print personnel of all ages and digital technology awareness as there is a real need for retraining some of our longer standing readers. Also new start trainees with a later option to look at apprenticeships in print will be catered for. As NVQs are designed to be transportable through different, but associated industries, we will have places for trainees going on into careers in PR, advertising and print industry sales.
The opportunity to set precedence is obvious. To use learning to drive a car as an analogy, if you first learnt to drive a Fiesta or a Nova you will be recommending the same for your own use.
When Mr and Mrs Print send Master Print off to college he will be reporting back which print kit is the latest best practice. More likely Miss Print will have all the design skills and digital nous while her analogue parents will be hiding in the dysfunctional dark room.
In specific, we would love to work with what we know best and promote our trusted existing CSN readers suppliers, nominations please. To deliver best results to our partners we will be utilising the latest kit that is in good supply and ready for new installs across the UK.
We look forward to receiving instructions from the CSN readership as to the required content for our new training prospectus. Together we can strive to deliver our new industry training standard, DPTA. As an industry we need to make printing an attractive proposal for a modern career and compete with other IT and design apprenticeships.
All ideas welcome.