McNaughton Fleet Heroes
Who are Britain's fleet heroes? They are the organisations that go the extra mile to ensure that their travel and transport strategies are energy-efficient and sustainable.
The Energy Saving Trust ran a Fleet Hero Awards event in partnership with The Observer and Fleet News and the James McNaughton Group were rewarded with the 'runner up' position in the 'Business Mileage' category. With only one winner and one runner up in each category, McNaughton had to fight off some very stiff competition to reach the final.
The Fleet Heroes Awards aim to highlight best practice in fleet management by recognising organisations who've tackled CO2 emissions from business travel. This includes reducing the total mileage travelled, reducing emissions from private cars used on business, using technology innovatively, leading by example, or simply taking a series of sound steps that together have made a big difference.
Overall the event recognised some of the fantastic work that was being done by fleets across the country, both public and private sector, to help reduce carbon emissions, save energy and make a contribution to Britain's battle against climate change.
In the words of Philip Sellwood, CEO of the Energy Saving Trust: "The winners and runners up in the Fleet Heroes Awards have taken simple, practical steps which not only help the environment but also help to save money and resources. My congratulations go to them all. They provide an example to any business or organisation that operates a fleet - no matter what size".
Howard Browning, McNaughton Director for Corporate Responsibility said, "Actively reducing our business miles is just one of many initiatives that the James McNaughton Group has taken to reduce its carbon footprint, as part of its 'Sustainable Solutions' programme". Browning added, "We are absolutely delighted that our efforts to reduce business miles has been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust, with this award".
To find out more about the James McNaughton Group's responsible approach to environmental issues and to find out how they can provide 'Sustainable Solutions' to assist you in reducing your own carbon footprint, visit their website at www.jmcpaper.com.