Spot The Difference

Our own copy shop has kicked of 2008 with a marketing campaign that leads with a less price sensitive print product. A deluxe quality business card.
We have enjoyed great success with a digital full colour short print run card, but were worried our customers would grow out of this deal and believe they had found a better offer with a longer run re-print. All too true; as 100 full colour cards at £25 is great for all parties as an entry level colour presentation, but would not be competive at 1000 cards for £250. OK we should all have a sliding scale for a lower unit cost but for better value for our customers we should now step up to litho.
Enter our new friend and trade print supplier, Daud, who runs a great business in Birmingham aptly named, Partners in Print. CSN do really appreciate specialist trade suppliers to compliment what we can produce in-house on our own equipment.
Our customers appreciate that our instant digital service may have a slower turn round for litho work and really don't want to out grow our production products and in fact expect a seamless continuance of service, rather than having to source a new supplier. Anyway, in the true printers tradition, we also have their artwork.
When we are talking upgrade to our customers we need to lead by example and have a business card sample that really does stand out from the crowd. These days digital quality already stands up to standard litho so we need to go beyond that.
Our artwork shown here invites our customers to feel the difference. The full colour print is matt laminated and spot varnished to one side only. This tactile test is a joy to observe and the want factor response is most welcome.The pitch is all on quality and customers aspirations to set a professional first impression.Where better to start than with your own deluxe GTI business card?
This will bring out the salesman in everyone as it is a real win-win proposal.
Here's the maths; At your existing special business card investment for 100 cards, 1000 cards will cost £250. Your new up market style card is only £189 per thousand. Yes you win on price with the upgraded quality thrown in to assist your business.
When you buy in from Partners in Print at £129 your GP is £60 plus your artwork charge.We are talking to Daud about his other print products which can all specialise in mixing lamination with spot UV. As estate agent marketing is getting so competitive, opportunities for folders are on every high street.
During 2008 we will be actively printing prestige samples of our print products that we are proud and confident to canvass with. Having been sent out to walk the streets by our boss, Maureen, I have been amazed at the positive response from our prospects. Yes door knocking with smiles and a noticeable glint of envy that we are not sitting back on our existing business. The present business climate dictates we should all do doing more to attract new business and is a real example to our local businesses on how best to use our products. Business won from our January blitz has on the main been flyers and brochures to promote our new customers businesses. Obvious, I suppose but being proactive is key.
Samples available, or doctor our artwork if you like. For best results invest in a print run at trade prices and pretend you printed them in your cellar.
Do let CSN know how you get on and when you find fertile ground, share your success, through these regular NPC pages, with your fellow CSMA members.
Partners in Print
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