Oce’s New Standard

Océ, has introduced a new world standard for colour printing that enables direct marketing customers to significantly improve their business. The Océ JetStream, a high-speed full colour inkjet printing system, can process over 60 million pages a month.
This new world standard will give printers who have direct marketing customers a sustainable competitive advantage by enabling us to produce more relevant, targeted print documents for large customer databases and mailing lists. The Océ JetStream system integrates top quality colour advertising on transactional documents at high speed.
Speed, quality and flexibility in line with customer requirements
"Compared to other high-volume colour inkjet printers, the new Océ JetStream system offers our customers considerable benefits," said Sebastian Landesberger, Océ's Executive Vice President for Production Printing. "First, the Océ JetStream delivers significantly higher productivity than comparable printing systems. Second, the business impact is expected to be substantial, thanks to our focus on integration, operation and uptime. And third, the speed, quality and flexibility we offer will enable our customers to capture lucrative new business."
The Océ JetStream: a win-win situation
The Océ JetStream system is the latest of several Océ digital colour solutions available to a growing customer base. Service bureaus, graphic arts operations, letter shops, data centres, offset printers and other commercial and corporate printers can now access a complete range of price, print quality, speed and duty cycles for their full colour requirements.
The technological innovation driving the Océ JetStream system produces higher quality images and stunning colour with less ink and no waste. The paper does not curl during printing and the print heads are designed to minimise operator intervention for cleaning and maintenance. This results in a broader range of graphics options, unmatched speed and quality in today's inkjet market, and a win-win situation for Océ and its customers.
´Continuous feed´ at Océ now totally renovated
The launch of the Océ JetStream system completes the refresh and expansion of the Océ continuous feed family, which includes the Océ Colorstream 10000 - introduced in September 2007 - and the Océ VarioStream 9000, 8000 and 7000 printing systems. Based on independent research, Océ is the market leader in the continuous feed sector worldwide.
"The Océ JetStream system," concludes Sebastian Landesberger, "is expected to lead its category in flexibility, quality and speed. The introduction of this innovative product is fully in line with our stated intention over our first 130 years in business: to distinguish ourselves in our markets by supplying products with high added value for both our customers and ourselves."