NEXPRESS Targets Business Opportunities in Photo Products Market
 The all new KODAK NEXPRESS Photo Platform with Print Genius is designed for the printing of high quality photo products, whether these products originate on a desktop, online or at a retail outlet. The NEXPRESS Photo Platform features outstanding photo quality output with exceptional productivity for the production of printed photo products, including hard and soft cover photo books, calendars, greeting cards, 4x6 prints, magnets, and other photo products. Designed to deliver unique effects such as raised printing and matte or gloss coating, the NEXPRESS Photo Platform is ideal for photo speciality printers, photo labs, and commercial printers, "The demand for high `quality photo products certainly is on the rise," says Stephen Fletcher, General Manager, Electrophotographic Printing Solutions, Kodak, "and the business opportunities for photo service providers are exciting. With the advanced features of the NEXPRESS Photo Platform, printers are able to deliver unique services that differentiate them and open new revenue streams."The NEXPRESS Photo Platform is a complete solution that includes KODAK Creative Production Software for consumer photo products or KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software (DP2) for professional labs. These software packages come preloaded with photo product templates such as photo books and calendars, and come with KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology algorithms for auto-correcting images for consistent, high quality photographic products. The solution includes a new KODAK NEXPRESS VI Photo Front End which enables class leading RIP technology that optimises processing to keep files moving to the press. This capability provides significant advantages in photo workflows where extreme productivity is needed to meet seasonal demand. The NEXPRESS VI Photo Front End also includes advanced photo screens and noise filter options. Particle sized dry inks that increase quality and reduce ink usage, a new fifth imaging unit light black ink to optimise grain, a higher density black dry ink for darker blacks, a new Matte Fuser Roller option for a matte finish that enables smoother tones and less gloss, and the ability to print on longer sheets—up to 26 inches or 660 mm. Longer sheets enable larger book covers and more impositions per sheet for higher productivity (up to 131 ppm). "In the photo market, colour is critical," added Fletcher, "and the true photo quality output from this new device meets or exceeds consumers' expectations. With the explosion of affordable, high quality digital capture devices, there are more photos than ever in the market. People are looking to create and preserve memories with a variety of photo based applications."Built on proven KODAK NEXPRESS Press technology with Print Genius, the new family of presses features a monthly duty cycle in excess of 4,000,000 pages and supports more than 600 different substrates. With longer sheets, the different models print at speeds of 91, 109, or 131 ppm.www.kodak.com