RealVue3D enhances competitive edge by dramatically improving designand print communication.• Revolutionary new 3D visual simulation software for printed media• Dynamic and interactive control over the "look and feel" of thefinished job - long before going to print• Better sell higher value design concepts and increase creativityFFEI has announced the UK launch of RealVue3D, the world's first 3Dvisual simulation software for print media, created to streamline thecommunication and sales process involving designers, advertisingagencies, publishers and their clients. With simple operation, RealVue3Dprovides an innovative way to design, present and approve jobs or adplacements via a unique 3D document viewer. CSN has taken a test driveof this and can send you a whole magazine to flick through at yourleisure. We are beta testing this with suppliers brochures and magazineproofing and the improved presentation has been well received by all.Over the Christmas break have a go yourself and share this developingmarket with CSN for our next issue. Just send in a request and a file willbe forwarded. turningpages@copyshopnews.co.ukThe output of the system is a platform independent java file that allowsany computer user to display the print document, turn the pages, rotatethe viewing angle and zoom into detail. In addition, the system enablesviewing conditions and print characteristics to be varied, such as stockweight, finish and texture. Accurate simulation of these print featuresallows their impact to be evaluated before any expenditure on printproduction.Andy Cook, managing director of FFEI comments, "Page turningsoftware is already available, but offers only basic functionality allowinga document to be browsed in a flat two dimensional way. With ourgraphics expertise we have taken this functionality to a new level so thatdesign agencies, publishers and their clients can almost feel the finishedproduct before they commit to print."RealVue3D is designed to be a modular plug-in for Adobe Acrobat withtwo product versions. RealVue3D Presenter, available at £195, offers 3Dviewing functionality with several adjustable settings and can be easilyupgraded to RealVue3D Designer. Designer, at £795, offers a host ofadvanced features such as local and global varnish, binding, paperthickness, template and branding options. Other features such asembossing, custom fold designer and foil stamping are planned forrelease early next year as an upgrade to Designer. RealVue3D can also becustomised by FFEI for businesses and partners with specific print orviewing needs.In addition to comprehensive print-feature simulation, RealVue3D alsoallows multiple 3D files to be viewed together. This capability allows thedemonstration of a full campaign using a range of different printeditems (Brochure, DM, Ad etc.), or simply the ability to visualise multipledesign concepts for any given campaign or ad placement.Learn more about RealVue3D at  www.realvue3d.com, where you canbuy products online and download trial software.