Case Study: Trade Printing For Copy Shops
Running a copy shop and outsourcing litho printing can be a minefield. We all have a choice of trade printers who offer full colour services, but you cannot always be sure that you are guaranteed a quick delivery along with a competitive price. Wilbraham and Thomson Limited have come up with the perfect solution for CSN readers.Since 2004 Wilbraham & Thomson have been offering full colour trade litho printing to digital printers and designers across the UK. Not wanting to be just another trade supplier, Wilbraham & Thomson offer more than just the printing. The company was set up to offer help, advice, and to generally support copy shop owners with full colour printing, and this has been the key to their success over the last 3 years. They offer free marketing materials, regular special offers which are designed to keep customers interested and develop further business. Leigh Wilbraham told us: "Our business is to make sure that other printers create the impression that they have their own in-house full colour litho presses. We despatch within 2 days and everything is shipped in plain packaging, with even the option of delivering the goods direct to the client."The company is about to relocate into new purpose built premises to expand the range of services and to give the ability to run full colour print workshops which will be offered free of charge to all customers.

The company offers immediate estimates by calling their free quote line 0800 0237 990 and even offers prices 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm by email to ensure that you never lose a job. Email sales@wilbrahamthomson.co.uk