CSN Readers Publish Industry Standard CSR Statement

Over the summer break we were kept busy collating all your ideas for the content of our industries joint CSR statement. The input was vast and varied and obviously heartfelt in its submission .Your help to form a new national standard, that will be the foundation of our best practice charter, is gathering in momentum and just in time to match our customer's environmental buying criteria.CSMA Print Stewardship Council CSR StatementCSMA, Copy Shop Members Assoc. / YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the digital print industry. We will fulfill this mission by our commitment to: • Understanding environmental issues and sharing information with our stakeholders, our colleagues at work, our suppliers and our customers.• Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change. • Striving to buy, sell and use products that are environmentally sound. • Research into continuous improvement and innovation.• Encouraging all partners to share in our conservation methods, environmental principles and sound ethics.• To deliver excellent service by exceeding customer expectations. • Regularly review the legality of our supply chain.Thankfully, all things in digital print are adjustable and updateable, so please, more ideas for the CSR, charter of best practice and nationally recognisable name, to greenpages@copyshopnews.co.ukAdd your own environmental credentials and please use your own company names in place of the CSMA heading. We will soon have a new logo for CSN readers to use when buying into a national environmental charter in print. This prestigious emblem will proudly show your customers that you are taking positive action and employing the very best environmental practices in print. Your brainstorming to create our very own 'Red Tractor' is required on this. Once again we must thank the team at www.envirowise.gov.uk for their encouragement and support of our recent campaign to share agreed standards in our instant part of the print industry. In particular we are pleased to launch our very own branded Envirowise micro site, designed for our 5000 digital printers to regularly dip into for advice on environmental print issues.www.copyshopnews.co.uk visitors can locate downloads of practical tools that will help reduce the carbon footprint of print.