Businesses’ Good ‘Green’ Intentions Go To Waste
 The British public is growing increasingly concerned with environmental issues; a shift in opinion that has launched the business community into action to limit their environmental impact and help to tackle climate change. But, whilst many businesses are making changes such as sustainable energy providers or improving recycling systems; a part of the supply chain that is often neglected is a company's print work. This means that the production of business essentials such as promotional flyers, leaflets, catalogues, newsletters and even business cards are fuelling one of the UK's most polluting manufacturing industries. Now, Lena Johansson an expert in environmentally friendly print processes from Responsible Print™ (www.responsibleprint.info) warns that without proper consideration of the environmental impact of their print work, the business community's good green intentions are literally going to waste. She says:"As a sector, the manufacture of pulp, paper, print and publishing is energy intensive and uses a range of highly volatile and hazardous chemicals, as well as large quantities of water, trees and other natural resources. Without realising it, many companies that claim to be green are actually operating in unsustainable ways which harm the environment as they do not understand the impact of their print work.Responsible printing is about so much more than just using recycled paper, the entire process needs to be carefully considered from start to finish to ensure that your print job has as little impact on the environment as possible."Currently there are around 20 logos that appear on printed documents that are used by companies to show that they are printed in an environmentally friendly way. But, these only account for individual facets of a print job and certainly not the entire process. Until now, it has required a huge amount of research and commitment to make sure your printed materials are produced only by suppliers who voluntarily exceed legal requirements for pollution control and to find clear and concise information about which materials or processes constitute the least harmful solution.Responsible Print™ is raising the environmental standard for commercial print and the Responsible Print™ logo shows that every effort has been made to specify and produce the printed item in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way. Available exclusively from print agency Four Corners Print (www.fourcornersprint.co.uk), the service offers the widest range of eco-alternatives on the market and cherry picks the most sustainable solutions to ensure that the environmental impact of your print job is reduced."There are printing companies out there that have completely revolutionised their methods of production in order to operate in an environmentally friendly way." Lena adds, "Unfortunately finding the right companies for a job can be a nightmare, that's why we have created a service that does all the leg work for you, but still offers competitive prices and has a positive impact on the environment."CSN thanks Lena Johansson for the above which encourages our own plans to make a recognisable environmentally aware front-line digital printers group statement. All CSN readers are members of CSMA, Copy Shop Members Associates, which could head this initiative? We could alternatively use either the CSN or DPS, digital print shop, news banners or maybe something new. We don't have any agenda other than collating a corporate set of standards. Do get involved, this is your industry. Once again, ideas please to: greenpages@copyshopnews.co.uk