G2 Support Server Back Up - You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone!

It's called the blue screen of death. If you haven't seen it, you haven't spent long enough on a computer. Be sure it will be coming to a monitor near you one day, especially if it's a PC.Mac users may feel more smug with a more stable basic operating system, but as we all deal with an increasing volume of data - artwork, stored files, archives, and even pages and pages of email records - secure storage becomes a real issue.Apart from the duty of care issue over customer records, there is the cost implication of recreating lost documents from scratch, as well as the opportunity for errors inherent in incomplete records.Once neatly filed and catalogued drawers of originals were sufficient, but is there now a digital alternative to the fireproof filing cabinet in the supposedly paper-free bureau?A regular routine of back-up on CD or DVD has been the favoured solution, but even that is time-consuming, and prone to complication. If it's done too frequently, documents may have been modified, so it's only possible to catalogue by date and not by client or job. Customers can never recall exactly when a job was done, so unless you have another back-up to cover the first one, you could be swimming in the dark.With hard copies, items were rarely completely lost except by fire, flood or theft. More often they were just mislaid or badly filed. But we are no longer looking at things that have just slipped down the back of the drawer. We are experiencing loss that is either irretrievable or can only be restored at the cost of considerable time, expense or both.Loss can be caused by failure of either hardware or software, mechanical or mathematical, and while there may be a simple solution to a programme problem, a hard drive failure may be catastrophic in consequence, especially as it is inevitably unexpected.Copy Shop News database covers a decade of the industry's history and as such is irreplaceable. It also needs regular updates as new information and customer profiles land. It also needs to be secure, and it contains valuable and sometimes confidential information.After a lot of research and soul searching, we've entrusted our priceless assets to an on-line back up service that kicks in automatically at the end of every working day. That takes the risk out of someone just forgetting to do it, and means that everything you select to save will be backed up.It's totally secure as it's encrypted and any information can only be accessed when it is retrieved.We put this task in the hands of G2 Support who have been looking after our IT for some time, and as they were familiar with the labyrinth of publishing that is Foulkes Towers, it was logical. They were able to asses what we needed and how it needed to be served. Big enough to cope with the task but small enough to get personal attention rather than some big corporate cover all.If something is going to go wrong, it is nice to have a human on the end of a phone somewhere.The set-up simply requires the installation of some software on the individual computers, whether desktop or central server. It supports all types of file format, PC or Mac, with basic system requirements.The simple, monthly billing price structure is based upon size requirement.And the back-up itself is checked daily for errors.It's like having an extra member of staff doing the filing for you at the end of every day. It simply collects up the data from chosen folders or drives, encrypts it before it leaves the premises, and uploads it to the remote site.Simple as that. A small price to pay for peace of mind.For more info contact G2 Support
Tel 0870 9043443
Email: hello@g2support.com