Menu Mats From Purple Mustard

A Welsh specialist printing company has launched a new idea to overcome the problem of fly-away-menus, following the current boom in al fresco dining in the UK. Purple Mustard, based in Caerphilly, has developed 'MenuMat', an all-in-one table cloth and menu, designed to eliminate the need for paper-based printed menus. Following a successful trial at one of Cardiff Bay's busiest restaurants - the Tapas Bar in Mermaid Quay - the company is now launching MenuMat onto the UK hospitality market in time for summer. The company believes that global warming and the UK's ban on smoking in public places will create increased demand for its new product. CSN readers are invited to participate in the party by offering these new services.Richard Millward, Commercial Director for Purple Mustard, said, "This country has been moving towards a café culture for some time thanks to warmer summers, and we anticipate that this year it will really take off."This product not only compliments our change in dining attitudes, it cuts down printing costs and also allows for additional marketing activity. So, for instance, if you want to up-sell something like a new range of dishes, or promote a new drinks brand, they can be included on the mats. Similarly, one of your drinks brands could be approached to sponsor the mats as part of their marketing."MenuMat is made from Gator Skin, a special rubber compound that can both be printed on in a wide variety of colours and also used in food preparation areas.According to the company, many owners and managers refrain from leaving their menus outside in case of rain or if the wind carries them off, denting profits by robbing establishments of the opportunity to sell food to patrons who might have just popped in for a drink. The new product replaces both menu and tablecloth with a single fully wipe able, waterproof, hygienic promotional covering.Tazmin Proctor, who owns Tapas, said, "We've only had them a short while, but I can see MenuMats providing a practical marketing opportunity for us. We find them easy to keep clean and easy for customers to select their food and drink."Using sublimation, Purple Mustard converts printing inks to gas form before applying to any kind of surface, including metal, glass or wood. Its products can be found in pub, bars and hotels. Purple Mustard products could also be used in shops and in interior design.Gator Skin MenuMats can be produced in the standard size 680mm circular or square, either with or without a hole to locate table umbrellas or custom sizes where required. Purple Mustard also offers the following services and products: Gator Glass, Gator Metal, Gator Dart, commission printing, die cutting, counter mats, pet mats, graphic floor mats, bar runner mats, metal packaging, premium metal drip trays, interchangeable graphic bar trays and self finished Nitrile rubber mats.The CSN NPC team are getting to grips with the opportunity to print the bar runner mats in-house for shorter run promotions. For details of this exciting new trade print service contact Richard Millward at Purple Mustard on:
0292 088 3842