One For The Book
The first high production fully automatic perfect binder has been launched - the Duplo DuBinder DPB-500.The DuBinder is a single-clamp system that creates a strong quality bind and sleek, professional finish on a range of applications including books, directories, manuals and magazines. It can successfully handle output from both offset and digital devices at cycling speeds of up to 525 books an hour.The DuBinder has been developed to include all the top of the range components as standard such as waste and fume extraction. It has the ability to achieve accuracies within 0.01mm whilst operating within a totally tool-less environment.The versatility of the fully automated DuBinder results in a reduction in set-up times and costs, making it perfect for short run and variable print, whilst its high capacity book production speeds make it equally suitable for longer runs. One of the machine's key attributes is its easy-to-use integrated touch-screen controls, which facilitates a 35 second set-up between programmes, resulting in a book-bound quality finish with minimal operator skills.The DuBinder can be programmed with up to 20 different programmes automatically to accommodate a range of specifications, including book thickness, side gluing, cover feed, cover press, and crease positions. The four creasing tools automatically move in pairs according to the spine width so that the hinge is always in the correct location on the front and rear covers. A light beam indicates to the operator, that the covers are positioned correctly. Finished books are stacked internally in the machine to a depth of 200mm. When this is full, the machine automatically shuts down until the books are removed.The system's range of inbuilt features such as double sheet detector and the book thickness sensor ensures it operates with utmost precision and accuracy at all times, which ultimately reduces wastage.For further information contact:Peter Jolly
Tel: 01372 468131
Email: pjolly@duplointernational.com
Website: www.duplointernational.com