Label Printing for everyone

Nottinghamshire based Impression Technology Europe are hoping to set the label printing industry alight with the launch of the revolutionary Rapid X1 and X2 label printing machines. Both of these machines use the very latest technology from Memjet to produce amazing quality labels at high speed and low cost.

Rapid and Memjet have combined their technical skills to produce these machines. Labels up to a maximum of 220mm can be output in two qualities - 1600 x 1600dpi and 1600 x 800dpi. Using the former resolution the machines will generate 9 metres of labels per minute whilst using the latter resolution will double this output to 16 metres per minute.

The print head itself utilises an incredible 70,400 nozzles to deliver the five colour (CMYK + K) water based dye inks to the label, generating fantastically sharp and vibrant prints every time.

There is no fancy, expensive specialist operating system for either of these machines as they will both run from a standard PC or laptop running Microsoft Vista or XP together with the internal RIP that comes as standard with both models. One of the most amazing features of the Rapid machines however is the price with both models coming in substantially lower than expected.

Both the X1 and the X2 offer the same specifications in quality and output so why two machines? The reason is based on the level of production you require and the amount of space you have at your disposal.

The Rapid X1 is a small footprint roll to roll printer that can handle a roll of labels up to an outside diameter of 305mm, and incorporates an optical sensor for pre-cut and stripped labels. Manufactured with an all steel chassis it will sit comfortably on a desk top with the roll to roll system avoiding messy output by automatically spooling the printed labels. For short runs this can be over ridden with the labels being manually removed from the printer. Even maintenance has been made quick and easy with the Memjet head being hot-swappable making it an easy task for the operator should it be necessary. The real beauty of this machine though lies in the fact that the number of labels required has no bearing on the unit cost. Because it runs from a PC the operator can generate 1 or 1000 labels at the same unit cost.

The Rapid X2 is, effectively, the big brother of the X1. Technically it has the same specifications except that it can handle a roll of labels with an outside diameter of 650mm. It also utilises a loop out-feed enabling it to be used in-line with post finishing equipment. In terms of its media handling ability the X2 is a more industrious machine even though it uses the same Memjet print-head technology and has the same production capacity as the X1. Put bluntly, the X2 is more suitable for the larger producer of labels.

Using water based dye inks means that there is no smell and no V O C (volatile organic compound) concerns. The entire process is not harmful to the user or to the environment.

Both of the Rapid models offer a cost effective sustainable method of economically producing high quality full colour labels at amazing speed. With the choice of a table top X1 or the more industrious floor standing X2 Impression Technology Europe and Rapid really are offering in-house label printing to any industry. These machines really do offer cost effective label printing to any business large or small.

For more information about the Rapid machines contact 'Impression Technology Europe' on 01623 861173 or visit http://www.impressiontechnologyeurope.com/ and click on the Rapid link.