New Cut-Size Production Line Installed At M-Real's New Thames Mill

A new cutsize production line installed at M-real's New Thames Mill in Kent will allow the mill to produce an extra 50,000 tonnes of recycled office papers a year. This major investment in New Thames' future by M-real will also increase the amount of recovered fibre from UK waste processed by the plant."Demand for recycled papers from customers is increasing, for commercial uses as well as photocopying, desktop printers and home use," says Alan Young, Conversion Manager at M-real New Thames. "As well as increased volumes, we can now provide a wider range of cut size products, with faster lead times and improved stock availability."The equipment, originally manufactured by Will-Pemco, is not brand new, but instead transferred from M-real's Kangas Mill in Finland following a switch from production of cut sheet paper to publication papers on reels. In this respect, the initiative complements M-real's environmental policies and New Thames' aim of zero waste in all its operations.Installation took nine months from approval to start-up, with the machine in production several weeks ahead of schedule. M-real had to introduce innovative technologies in order to achieve the required layout in the space available, including some conveyor systems never previously utilised in a paper mill conversion department, anywhere. M-real also increased its automated robot labelling capacity - using the same sort of robots seen in the Citroƫand Picasso ads. And M-real has added new recruits to the department's workforce to operate the new plant.The new production line starts with five large reels of paper, approximately 2.5 tonnes each, being cut down into single A4 sheets. These are stacked into reams of 500 sheets each and individually wrapped in a protective wrapper. Reams are packed five to an A4 cardboard box, and further stacked in batches of 40 to produce a 500kg pallet wrapped in plastic for protection in transport and storage.