Uncoated Paper DeCyphers Its Green Credentials

Tullis Russell, the independent Scottish papermaker, has added another grade to its FSC accredited portfolio. Cypher, which is exclusively supplied in the UK through the Premier Paper Group, now has full FSC Chain of Custody certification.FSC is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests. To gain FSC certification, a forest must be administered in a manner beneficial to both the environment and to society as well as being economically viable. The FSC system tracks the wood fibre through the supply chain thus assuring the end user that they are not contributing to the destruction of the environment. To achieve certification Tullis Russell is independently audited by BM TRADA to ensure the highest standards are being maintained.Cypher is available in a bright smooth finish in weights from 100gsm to 400gsm, in sizes A4, A3, SRA2, SRA3 and SRA1 The accreditation of Cypher is testament to the fact that top quality, multifunctional papers and boards can be achieved from renewable resources, thus championing environmental awareness within the paper and board industry.Shona Birrell, Product Manager (uncoated papers) at Tullis Russell said: "Cypher's FSC accreditation reflects our continued commitment to producing paper and board from renewable sources. We are a prime example of a company which is growing and responding to market demands while maintaining an environmentally conscious approach."Premier Paper's, Head of Marketing, Abi Doyle added "This is a very positive move by Tullis Russell and as the demand for certified products grow, we are able to continue to offer our customers the very best range of products in the FSC category.We are delighted to be able to include Cypher to our FSC certified range of products. With an extensive range of sizes and weights and the offer of matching envelopes, it is truly the total product solution". For further information, samples or 'dummies', please contact your local Premier Paper branch, or email marketing@paper.co.uk or Tullis Russell's Designline service free on 0800 74 74 77.www.designlineonline.co.uk