Canon launches enhanced web-to-print and production workflow solution

Available as a standard product that can also be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of varied print environments, Helix PW v2.0 has a modular and scalable software structure offering options for customers to select and pay for only the level of functionality required. Designed to streamline the on-demand production printing process, add value to personalised short-run print, integrate print ordering and production, and effectively manage busy print rooms, Helix PW v2.0 incorporates multiple new features, which are summarised below:

Enhanced Job Submission includes workflow authorisation, which prevents clients exceeding agreed budgets, volume limits or ordering products that are not required.  The look and feel of the new submission screens offers greater flexibility and variety, and more advanced pre-flighting to quickly identify and resolve potential quality issues. Variable Data Printing (VDP) document design (including PPML support) and page previews have become more intuitive, offering quicker, easier and more accurate soft proofing.

Enhanced Document Make-Ready capabilities include support for scanning with image manipulation and editing to enable hard copy content to be converted into high quality digital documents which can be combined with existing digital content. Advanced imposition templates support a wider range of document types and off-line finishing processes and improved tab handling enables more complex work to be quickly compiled, formatted and sent to print.

Enhanced Workflow Management offers support for multi-level cost centres to provide accurate budgetary control - an essential requirement for CRDs in certain  markets, such as the legal industry.  Greater print queue automation facilitates the automatic transfer of work from the network to the print room, therefore increasing print volumes and reducing the risk of errors due to operator intervention.

Enhanced Support for Large Format Printing includes automatic price calculation and accounting, enabling customers to further leverage and manage their investment with Canon.  Support for native documents and custom media size is also provided.

HelixPW v2.0 will be available later in the year